Time Flies By

Extravaganza FrogA decade flies by when you are busy.

If there is one thing that children do it is, keep adults busy.

  • Feedings. Changings. Lessons. Watching. Growing.
  • Feedings. Potty Training. Lessons. Watching. Growing.
  • Cooking. Lessons. Watching. Growing.
  • Cooking. Kindergarten. Lessons. Watching. Growing.
  • Cooking. Grade School. Lessons. Homework. Watching. Growing.

That is just a list of words. There is a measure of time there, people with children will understand them. What stands out most to me is right when you get used to a phase, everything changes. Right when I had feeding, diaper changes, taking the kid with me from one place to another AND being prepared for anything a new phase start. Just when I had living at home with someone who needed me for everything down to a science-breakfast at; lunch at; dinner at; sleep at-another new phase.

Now I have a partial adult. He needs me for things he cannot reach, operate, or understand. At least that is how this phase feels. I don’t mind. I want a child who is ready for the world when the time comes. I know now not to get used to this phase as this will pass. He will get tall enough to reach for anything. He will learn enough to operate the stove or anything else he cannot now. He is already learning to ask about those things he does not understand.

I am not a person who measures time. Going back to school has forced me to pay attention to time in smaller chunks instead of the larger chunk of life. My boy growing older has been a measure of time that I have not minded one bit. I remember things based on what he was doing or we were doing together. He has become the protagonist and antagonist in my stories now. When people ask me what I want to do when I graduate, I think to myself, “go back to being a stay-at-home dad and watching my kids grow up, its the best job I ever had.”  Then I tell them whatever job comes to mind, usually something with writer.

My boy won’t see this for many years, but when he does I hope he understands all of the positives he brought into my life. Happy Birthday. I cannot wait to look back in ten more years and see who he has become.




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