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I have a sinus funk. I do not know if the funk is winning, but I thought I should mention this in case this post gets all weird. My thinking tends get more woppy jawed when I have a sinus funk. Last night, due to the sinus funk, Booze Traveler, and an inability to fall asleep I started work on something new, writing about my experience as a non-tran or non-traditional student in an organized fashion.  I wrote for two hours before sleep finally hit me.  My plan is to turn this topic into a regular post until I am done starting next week. There will be a non-tran category and tag. Below, unedited * (see sinus funk above) is an excerpt.


I had to sit through an orientation speech, which boiled down to what I, as a student, should not do:

  • Do not have unprotected sex.
  • Do not drink.
  • Do not fail classes.
  • Do not have unprotected or protected sex or drink in class.

And so on. There was nothing in orientation that applied to me or any other adult. I do believe that students fresh from high school should hear all of that, in a better presentation, but hear all of that and more. Adults, should get a pass, and move on.

As it was, I had to spend four hours doing nothing of value to me as a person or a student. Being an adult, I had pre-registered for everything except classes. I have no idea why pre-registering for classes was not allowed. Thus, I ended up standing in line to get my pre-registered stuff. This was the same line as the people who had not pre-registered. Why there was only one line instead of two, pre-registered and did not pre-register, I have no idea.

Registration was an experience. A single individual represented each department. The process went like this, the representative stood up with a handful of folders, called out students names, gathered them together in a section of the room and together they registered. This is how mine went, “Nathan Richmond.”

I hold up my hand.

“You are my only English student,” said the representative in a very excited voice.

“I’m not in the English degree.”

“Oh…” sad tone.

I got my own computer. I am an odd duck.

Here is another piece of advice, be prepared for a long day, filled with people who know what need to be done, but instead of explaining and demonstrating what needs to be done, assume you know too and don’t know what to do when you don’t. I had never registered at Ferris State University before, thus I had never used their computer system for anything other than to check to see if my name was in the system (took 2 minutes, four hours earlier). Thus, I had zero idea what I was doing to register.

I express myself. I expressed myself. I was frustrated with the lack of assistance. I expressed my frustration and that we were leaving screw this college. That was when assistance arrived, concerned that I would leave and take my money with me. That is how I felt then and how I feel today. With four people, I was able to register for everything except for math. Why four people? Nobody in the room knew what my degree was and since I was erroneously labeled an English major, there was no paperwork. Seriously.


* The posted version will be edited. Stupid sinus funk


2 thoughts on “Write What I Know

  1. As I read this piece generated by your sinus funk – that crap really affects your brain in some interesting ways – I cringed as I remembered registering for classes when I went to college and I remembered thinking that going through basic training was easier that the clusterfuck of registration and listening to the “Welcome to our school!” speech that, even when I went, was meant more for junior high school students than adults.

    Hope you feel better!


    1. Ankoku1331

      Clusterfuck is a great description for college orientation for adults. Several bowls of hellbroth ramen seem to be teaching the sinus funk that I am willing to burn down the sinus house to evict them.


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