The Weirdness Around Me

Sinus College Weirdness

I was feeling bad enough last night that I sent my professors an, “I’m not going to be in class” email. I woke up with one working nostril and a pounding sinus headache this justified my taking time off to heal. But I was interested what response awaited me. This professor has a sense of humor similar to mine, thus a snarky email back would not be out of the ordinary. I got a, “no worries class was canceled.” What?! The professor is messing with me. Nope, a class email and announcement later, no class. The town where the professor lives got hit with some bad weather during the night.

Robotech RPG Tactics Weirdness

I want to take solo credit for the following and in my head I have. There was a Kickstarter announcement, new “detailed” instructions are in the making. You may remember my posts about the “instructions” here. Further, there is re-work or new rules for, well here is the quote,”discussing and working on advanced rules for the game.” And I have written extensively about our experiences with the rules. Like I said, I want to take credit for this, but I know more people than me have complained about these issues and more. No word on being hired to edit the rulebook, but I have hope. 🙂

Front Door Weirdness

Last week, I joked with a professor, not the professor above, that I almost missed a class due to getting new front door. Yesterday, I did. While that is odd. The maintenance man was better. I like the maintenance workers here, they do their job despite working in a system seemingly determined to go the cheapest route possible, and the majority of them are personable. The front door maintenance man was awesome. He didn’t hang the door and bolt. He hung the door to his professional standards, wasn’t satisfied, so he came back today to fix the door to his standards.  You may have read that normally we have to use an ice pick to get out of the front door when the cold sets in or that standing next to the front door you can feel a breeze strong enough to knock hats off of heads. Not anymore. Yes, I missed a class, but we have a front door worthy of the name front door.

Volunteered Weirdness

Last semster I was volunteered to assist with another students project. I get volunteered frequently enough that I take being volunteered as a compliment. I knew nothing about this project until yesterday. The project is to create a newsletter for a department. Cool, right up my alley. But, I asked, why do you need an intradepartmental newsletter designed from scratch, which can take some time, when there are pre-existing templates ready to go. I was expecting the answer to be along the lines of this was an assignment for the original student. Nope, seems that nobody had thought about using an existing template, even as a short term while an original design was created.

Dorito Weirdness

Big Man will appreciate this, possibly assigning karma to this as well. Many years ago I threw a Dorito at him, hit him in the neck, and drew blood. Yes, drew blood with a thrown Dorito. Today, with a mouthful of Doritos I had a massive sneezing attack. You can imagine the pain I felt. Just weird or gross…your choice.


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