What the hell people!

All we wanted to do was celebrate the boy’s birthday and have the FIRST family outing in over a month and a half. Not salve cancer. Not have a rip-roaring good time. Not do something to change the world, our luck, or the course of human history.

So why did humanity have to be such a bunch of dicks today?

From the zombie eyed gas station cashier who could have cared less if we bought anything or shot her in the chest and ran off with the slim jims to the 95 mile an hour driver from Virginia who tried to run us and everyone else in front of him off the road. If today involved humanity, things went for shit.

Personally I am tired of the behavior.

To the lady in the craft store. I should say to the ladies in the craft store. What is so difficult about saying, “Excuse me.” Excuse me cause people to move. Nobody gets bent out of shape or has me following them around the store explaining loudly to my children why having manners is a good thing. I do not know why people at craft stores behave poorly, but they do and I am tired of it.

To the men and boys at the hobby shop. Your hobby is not special. You are not special because of your hobby. Your hobby is no better or worse than any other hobby. Stop behaving like asses in public. Talk about your hobby. Enjoy your hobby. But do not try to lord your hobby over those you deem lesser than you. Some of those people, used to work at hobby shops, we know who you really are.

To the crowd horde of people at the bookstore. At first I was ready to congratulate you on keeping books alive. Then I realized that the majority of you were hanging out in the bookstore. Not hanging out reading books, but hanging out like teenagers used to do at the mall. When I witnessed the teenage boys attempt to ride UP the escalator to the hoots and shouts of the teenage girls I realized that I if it was in my power public shaming would be alive an well. In this case, stocks where people could toss books and vegetables at them until they learned how to behave in public.

To the bookstore cashier who would not take “NO” for an answer when attempting to pressure me into buying a discount card. SHUT UP! Also, obviously you have not been to Big Rapids. Your comment of “Big Rapids is an awesome place,” well people here know how wrong that was.

To the Meijer casher who tried her best not to laugh while I regaled her with our day. Thank you. You made me realize that while there are a lot of people who suck there are just enough to keep on seeing the funny.



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