I Said FLOOP That Pig!

Floop that pig!

Card WarsWe finished our first few games of Adventure Time Card Wars. I won, of course! I have been dying to play Card Wars since the game was announced. Unfortunately, getting cards has been difficult. Luckily that has changed. We brought home the Finn and Jake set and within 30 minutes were playing.


Do you enjoy Adventure Time? Do you enjoy the artistic stylings of Adventure Time? If yes was your answer and yes should have been your answer, then you will love the art and style of the game. There are three components-over-sized land cards, the cards to play, and life counters. Of the three, the life counters are ignorable; circles with the numbers 1 and 3 front and back. The land cards have images of land, duh. Nothing special other than they are oversized and fun to look at. The playing cards are well made with colorful art.

at_card-wars_productshotThe cards have a clean presentation with an action number, land symbol, and card name across the top. Card art dominating the top half of a card. The lower half of a card is game text, attack, and defense values. Due to clean presentation, everything is easy to read.

The rulebook is good. The writing could be clearer. However, the conversational tone works for the game, even if the language is not as clear as I would like. There are examples of the cards, how to play, and with roughly 20 minutes of reading, flipping back and forth most people should be ready to play.

Game Play

Playing a game is easy. We used the pre-made decks. A quick shuffle or two. Each player places their four lands on the table adjacent to each other and touching the top of their opponents lands, to form a board.  Draw five cards, make sure you have at least two creatures. Then start the game.

The coolest person goes first. Draw a card. Each player has two actions. Actions are spent on cards or to draw cards. Each card has an action cost, spend that number of actions to play the card. Creatures are played to one of the four lands. Spell cards are played and discarded. Buildings are played to one of the four lands. Each land can have one creature and one building.

To win, reduce your opponent’s health to zero. To do that attack with creatures. Creatures attack in the lanes formed by the lands. If there is a opponent’s creature in the lane, the creatures attack each other. Each creature does damage equal to the attack value. Damage is subtracted from the defense or health of the creature. Reduce a creature’s defense/health to zero and it is discarded. If there is no creature in the way, the damage is done directly to the player.

Simple enough.

There are other rules, such as Flooping. Some cards have a Floop ability, which means exhausting the card to perform the Floop or special action. A flooped creature cannot attack that turn. Players can replace creatures in play by playing another creature to that lane. The new creature can attack or floop. The old creature along with existing damage is removed from play.

Wrap Up

For fans of Adventure Time and card games this game is a must. For anyone looking for a fast and easy to teach version of Magic the Gathering, Adventure Time is a great solution. There are several decks and boosters out giving the game a depth without being cumbersome. Highly recommend Adventure Time Card Wars.



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