My Day in Review

Keanu Reeves is like pizza. Even bad Keanu Reeves is still good…you may have to look hard for that good. Thankfully, John Wick was exactly as advertised-wife dies, car stolen, dog killed, John Wick goes on killy spree that is awesome to watch. John Wick is how I like my porn, right to the action with just enough story to keep me interested. And that was my 68 word movie review.

Holy cameo and nostalgic music Batman! Lego Batman 3 is everything you loved about Batman, Batman 2, and every other Lego game to date. Plus, for those players of a certain age and/or who watch Family Guy a touch of nostalgia. Adam West, the original Batman or Mayor West for Family Guy fans, is the citizen in peril. Think of him as the DC version of Stan Lee. To add to the nostalgia, the music is from the first Batman film, Wonder Woman TV show, and Superman movies. Takes you right back. And that was my Xbox 360 review.

I mentioned in an earlier post I am reading Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I also mentioned that I am loving the Player’s Handbook. That love continues as I reached the classes where much to my joy, I learn that classes are similar, but different. A fighter is still the fighter of previous editions. However, a fighter has many more options to make a fighter into my fighter. Even better, I only need the Player’s Handbook, previous editions many of these options would be in separate books.

The love only goes so far, I have found the first 5th Edition product that I am happy with, but not ecstatic about. Horde of the Dragon Queen is the first adventure supplement for 5th Edition. I do not feel that Horde of the Dragon Queen is a module. A module is a self-contained adventure requiring minimal work for the Dungeon Master. Horde of the Dragon Queen is more an adventure outline with certain parts given more detail than others. I could not DM Horde of the Dragon Queen as written. I could take the ideas, set piece scenes, and create parts of a larger campaign. What I like, is there are good ideas, and the material is useable. What I do not like, is to put the ideas to use the DM has to put in more work than they may think. I would have rather seen a module released first to allow everyone to jump right into a game.

To wrap up my day in review, today was a good day, filled with hair cuts, spicy food, movies, reading, and games.


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