Card Wars Fun

With the ladies away the boys played.

Our daughter went to her first birthday party. As some sort of twisted kid logic the kids made a bet over which one of them would have more fun. To win his bet, our boy had a plan of fun stuff to do while they were gone.

at_1280x1024-lady-rainicorn-picture-3I say this upfront because I too made a bet with the boy, “I am a dweeb. My son beat me 2 out of 3 Card Wars games.” After we played a few levels of Lego Batman 3 we played Card Wars. Both of us have wanted to play Card Wars since the remaining starter decks were delivered and I made a Cool Guy and Dweeb coffee cup, like in the show. As usual, smack talk was high before the games. Our boy was positive he wanted to play the Lady Rainicorn’s Sandy Land deck. I was looking forward to laying the smack down with Dr. Death. Three games, winner is the cool guy, the loser is the dweeb.

Game 1: I beat the boy so bad that he wanted to change decks. BMO’s Useless Swamp deck is a discard deck. Discard to make cards stronger. Discard to bring creatures into play. Force opponent to discard to cause them more pain. I was not sure what the Sandy Lands deck was about at all. Other than losing! 🙂

Game 2: After flipping through his deck, our boy was positive he knew what the theme was. What I know is that a discard deck only works when you can discard. I was unable to discard, causing the deck to stall, which allowed the boy to win. Not cool, Useless Swamp Deck. 😦 Okay, that is not totally true, the boy had a plan, which was pretty obvious when he was playing cards in good order.

Card Wars Game 3Game 3: The Sandy Lands deck theme is come into play. Many of the creatures have a come into play effect, they make creature in play stronger, deal damage, or some other effect when put into play. Between his creatures getting bigger as they came into play and my discard effects, the game came down to the last turn. Both of us had four life. I stole a creature of his and knocked him down to 1. He finished me off. It was a great game.

Post victory dance and righouteous in your face behavior, we ate lunch.

Right into a combination of Starship Troopers the movie and building a football stadium out of Legos. Starship Troopers did not go over well with him. I forgot how long the lead in to war is, holy crap could they talk anymore? No, they could not, because they talked during the fights. And I will refrain from talking about how dated the movie is. The boy was not impressed. I will let you know if we make any progress with the stadium.




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