Craft Day: Sharpie Mug

Today was craft day. We are a crafty family. Barb crochets, creates many objects out of Duck Tape, sews, and a few other crafts. Our boy draws and builds anything he can with Legos. Our girl draws, crochets, and builds cats out of Legos. I write, supervise, and come up with ideas for the family, such as today’s craft decorating our own cups and ramen bowls.

Craft DayThe boy and I wanted a cool guy and dweeb cup as trophies for Adventure Time Card Wars and any other game where honor is on the line. Barb ever on the look out for new crafts did a search. With plain cups and Sharpies anyone can create their own designs.

We found plain white coffee cups at a local store. There are two choices for Sharpies; oil based Sharpies or the Sharpie pens that everyone knows and loves. Here are the differences between the two.

Oil Based Sharpies

  • Are expensive, roughly $13 for 5 pens on Amazon.
  • Must dry from 8 to 72 hours. Ours (not pictured) are still drying after 16 hours.
  • Limited range of colors and baking (see instructions below) can alter the colors.

Sharpie Pens

  • Are not as expensive and found everywhere.
  • Dry in under a half-hour.
  • A wide range of colors and based on our boy’s cup do not change in color.


Step 1: Wash whatever you will be decorating.

Step 2: After object is completely dry, rub the surface you will be decorating with alcohol.

Step 3: DO NOT touch the surface with hands, if you accidently do wipe down with alcohol.

Step4: Decorate object, there are many places you can go for inspiration.

Step 5: Sharpie Pens: Allow design to dry, roughly a half-hour.

  • Step 5a: Put into a cold oven set for 350 degrees for 1 hour.
  • Step 5b: Remove from oven, allow to cool.

Step 6: Oil Based Sharpies: Allow design to dry 8 to 72 hours.

  • Step 6a: Put into a cold over set for 250 degrees for 2 hours.
  • Step 6b: Remove from oven, allow to cool.

Step 7: Enjoy. We have washed a test cup 4 times in a dishwasher with no loss of design.





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