A Question, A New Site, and A Surprise in the Mail

I am positive I have talked about my portfolio. If I have not, I am working on a portfolio of my “greatest hits.” This portfolio is required to graduate, but that is not why I am working on it. I had been working on a book of my “greatest hits” prior to this, thus the portfolio is timely. I have slowly been posting samples, playing around with layout, and design on Scrawlings of a Mad Man under the Vanity Project Header. Last night I opened the future home to the portfolio at Monkeys Made Me Do It. As I finalize samples, secure photos, art, quotes, and such to expand Monkeys Made Me Do It into a living portfolio I will be moving samples from Scrawlings over to Monkeys.  Please take a look and check in from time to time.

Tiny DungeonI got a package in the mail today. This package arrived much earlier than expected. I have said it before and I say it again, Smoking Salamander has run an excellent Kickstarter, earning my loyalty as a customer. Once I have a few moments to myself, after reading Tiny Dungeon, I will post a review. The dice, by the way, are awesome.

Lastly, I have a question for everyone. In my portfolio class, there are two students who have video heavy portfolios. They want to use WordPress and have asked me to assist them. Which is why I am coming to all of you.

What themes can you recommend that work best with videos? Free or Premium. Please post your suggestions in the comments. I appreciate any assistance rendered.




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