Busy Work Overload

overloadI saw a schedule for the rest of the semester. Despite 10 weeks remaining on a calendar it does not look like much even as it looks like more than it is. Three weeks from now is our Spring Break. Two weeks after that is mid-winter break. Do not get me started on how messed up that break is. Three or four weeks after mid-winter break is the end of the semester. I have no idea if this break neck speed will continue through the rest of the semester. In a way, I hope so. I have not had a semester I want over more than this one.

The overachiever in me wants more A’s. The adult who is tired of being a student doesn’t care beyond passing the portfolio and presentation classes because those are needed for my major. The other two classes can piss off. That is not entirely true, one of the other two classes I am enjoying. So that remaining class can piss off.

I call this fatigue. The non-stop pace that a semester seems to have. Even though I make free time for myself I always feel like there is something I should be doing. Which is a bunch of bullshit. If I have one more professor say to me, this is how life is, I think I may snap. I have taken part in life outside of school for a long time. Short of a high stress job, there is plenty of off time. Work does end. School does not.

As I type this out, in the fore and back of my head are the things I am supposed to be doing:

  1. An executive summary for a presentation, fine with this I am familiar with the subject
  2. An outline for a separate presentation, fine with this as I am familiar with the subject
  3. Visual aids for two presentations, I hate and this is well known, visual aids for presentations
  4. Respond to two classmates in an online class, which is part of a week of online work
  5. Write a minimum of four pages for an exam in a class where for five weeks we have done NOTHING, this pisses me off a lot
  6. A one-page suggestion on what to do for a client that wants to project done in two weeks, this will lead to having to do the project within that two weeks (this was dropped on me today)
  7. My online portfolio, the point of a capstone class
  8. My print portfolio, the secondary point of a capstone class
  9. An ethics paper, unknown why as I took a whole class on ethics
  10. A poster for the ethics paper, again unknown why
  11. A five page paper about Idlewild, not so horrible, but due dates for this collide with several other projects
  12. Finish a newsletter template for a client who has been screwed over by previous worker, I didn’t mind when this was passed onto me, but seeing how much the client was screwed over has me pissed off at the…not finding right word right now…of the previous worker

That is off the top of my head and for the record 7 of those are due by the end of the week (end) and I guarantee in the next two days more will be added to that list. No job in the world does that to employees and if you are in a job where that is your workload I hope you are getting paid well and are a very appreciated employee.

Keep in mind I have two children, Barb, and a life I would like to live even for a moment at a time. Sure, sure I signed up for this by going back to school, but that does not invalidate that I have a lot of work to do, some of which is bullshit busy work. Clear away the bullshit busy work and I am fine with the workload, because the work applies to the skills I am supposed to be learning.

Maybe Spring Break will be a moment…nope, the kids are in school and I know of two things I have to work on over the break. Ugh!




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