Contest of Wills

There is a contest of wills happening right now in my house.

In one corner, me, the parent who learned today that his daughter was causing his teacher problems for the past few weeks.

In the other corner, my daughter, who is attempting her best to manipulate my feelings to get out of her punishment.

Her punishment, a page of addition and spelling words.

Her weapons of choice:

  • Sad face
  • Pouty face
  • Whimpering
  • Crying
  • Outright refusal
  • Glaring
  • Sad eyes
  • Defiance

She is playing for time, but she does not realize that the longer she stalls the sooner she will go to bed. She seems to think that she can break or manipulate me like the girls on TV do to fathers.

This father is not on TV.

This father is unmoved by her attempts to sway him that she should not be punished.

This father believes in punishment.

She will not break me! 🙂



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