A Man of Action!

Malfeius PurpleI am a man of action.

I crushed today!



Problem class? Taken care of in Man of Action style. I ran up two flights of stairs, nearly passed out trying to catch my breath, spoke at length to the very nice lady behind the counter, and now have one problem off of my books. Lesson learned, some classes are not meant for online.

Newsletter? Taken care of with a recolored Word template. Yes, I said recolored Word template. I wish that the first worker had told the client about Word templates instead of trying to make a name for themselves. Client needs first. Ego, second. I also understand people do not think about using templates, but templates exist for a reason. To make life easier. Thus, when you need a newsletter do not try to reinvent the wheel, go get a damn wheel. If the original person working on the client project had done this everyone would have been happy months ago.

Steppin_ColorTwo-week Client Project? “I am yelling now, so I do not have to yell a week from now.” With that simple, no elegant, sentence the two-week client project has a leader, staff, direction, and motivation (if nothing else avoiding me yelling again). Hopefully, this client project goes smoother. Dry erase marker in hand I rolled…until my sloppy writing obliterated one woman’s name. Sorry, I was in a hurry. 🙂

See, each problem crushed like a pro or a dictator. Either way, the problems are off of my table. Now I have time to focus on the important stuff. Such as rocking out my portfolio. Speaking of which, if you have not visited Monkeys Made Me Do It, please do. I would love to hear any feedback especially now while I am in the construction phase.

Something else I am looking forward to rocking out are my thoughts/reviews of Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual, and Tiny Dungeon. I have been reading each of them before crashing for the night. I am still reading the Player’s Handbook, but had to take a break after the class section to allow the ideas seep in. I feel the desire to write a campaign creeping up.

As this Man of Action comes to the end of his day, he is tired; I have no idea what made me think running up two flights of stairs was a good idea, but it was humorous. This Man of Action also apologizes for the recent bout of bitching, whining, or whatever term you choose. Hardly good reading, for that I apologize.

Finally, for those interested in the results of the Contest of Wills:

In the end, our girl did the entire page of addition and page of spelling. There were more tears, hers not mine, and an apology for her behavior.

* Thank you Chris “Big Man” Cortright for the art. 🙂






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