Just Another Caveman Looking For Answers

MV5BMTk0MDUxNTA0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjYwNTIzNA@@._V1._SX640_SY808_The head phones are in, new ones by the way, they light up in time with the music, totally uncessary, but totally cool and I have just let out a giant sigh. My girl who had stopped counting throwups at 10 is finally asleep. Barb is finally feeling better and working on her homework. I already did my homework after a few days of taking care of sick people, the routine of homework was “nice.” I would have rather cooked a family meal, but two upset stomachs does not make for food. Get out of the way to the bathroom, yes. Cook, not so much.

If there was a week where I seriouly contemplated the following, it was this week:

  • Dropping out of school, due to being fed up with the stupidity that has doggedly followed me since day one
  • Hiding in a hole in the ground, until the world passed me by
  • Sacrificing a goat or virgin or virgin goat to appease whichever deity I have pissed off

I have no other explanation other than the balancing force that is my life or I pissed off a deity. Whatever could be the reason behind the week I have had. I say I, but I mean the family. This was supposed to be the first week this semester where I went to all of my classes. This was supposed to be the week ending in Valentines Day. A day we do not celebrate, thus me having celebratory plans was going to be part of the surprise. This was the week that was supposed to end in a long weekend for the kids-they get President’s Day off, we do not.

For the record, I did not make it to my Friday class, because I was taking care of Barb who caught a cold, which turned into pneumonia from a classmate. This only reinforces my opinion that students are nothing more than disease vectors and should be forced to wear plastic wrap or go to school in bubbles to lessen the chance of cross-contamination. I don’t blame Barb for being sick, very sick in fact, but her being sick totally killed any Valentine’s Day plans and she knew something was up…I am horrible at keeping fun secrets. So are the kids, I wonder who they got that from?

drcox1Pneumonia, by the way, was much better than what the doctor was thinking. In his defense, he did say he likes to think of the worse case scenario, which is why he wanted to scan her brain if necessary. What scanning her brain would have lead to in his head, none of us wanted to know. Talk about irony, I am the one who wanted to have his brain scanned and even did the research. If I had only know I needed to find this doctor and present the same symptoms I would have a framed image of my brain or the space where my brain is supposed to on my wall next to the superhero art already. Shivelbush!

As I ended my week like a superhero, an aging superhero. I ran out of breath running up stairs. Seriously, why is the office on the third floor are they trying to kill me. I felt better about finishing the semester. Sure, I had done something on purpose that I usually do out of spite, quit. But my quitting one class, freed me up for everything else. Well, should free me up, should everyone around me stop getting sick and life ease up on the weirdness.

20701Tomorrow starts a new week. My weeks start on Monday. I know I will miss Monday’s class, but that is okay because it is President’s Day. Which one am I supposed to celebrate? Can I pick one or do I have to celebrate all of them, because there are a lot and I only have one box of cupcakes. I am seriously thinking I need to find a goat, an altar, a priest…isn’t this a joke…you know a goat and priest walk up to an altar…guess not. Anyway, if you read or see a news story, “Cult or Whackjob? Man arrested for sacrificing a goat.” It was just me trying to make right with the deities and have some fresh meat on hand to cook once the ladies of the house get their stomachs in order.


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