An Unusual Normal Day

It feels odd to write this, but today was a normal day. Normal days are not what I write about, however this was the first normal day in six days. Making this normal day unusual. To recap the last five days:

  • Barb goes to the ER for pneumonia
  • Our girl gets a stomach illness
  • Our boy gets a stomach illness
  • President’s Day
  • I got no sleep for five days

So what did I do with my first normal day in six weird disease filled days?

I took a long shower. Seriously, a long shower. I thought about shaving, but one look out the window pre-shower convinced me the mange I have would be warmer than no facial hair.

I cleaned the living room. So many sick people kept me from cleaning. I like and dislike clutter. There is a fine line between lived in and “what a fucking mess.” We had crossed that line several days ago and it was driving me to distraction and irritation. A few hours later and the line was back in place. Just enough clutter to look lived in without irritating me.

I started cleaning the kitchen. Sadly the kitchen looked more like a warzone than the kitchen I normally keep. To take care of the various sick people I had to make soups and such which make a mess. Normally a manageable mess, but back to back to back soups and other stomach friendly food. Well you get the idea. First up dishes…I am leaning towards disposable dishes and cookware. 🙂

I watched what I wanted on television. Sick people get channel choice. Unfortunately that meant a lot of kids shows. I like cartoons but I do not like all kids shows and I enjoy adult shows from time to time. Fairly Odd Parents is tolerable in small doses. In large doses I prayed for the television to die. Now I had channel choice, some Food Network, then some Travel Channel, and finally three episodes of Spartacus Vengeance.

Feeling better after a shower and watching showers of blood I headed out to class. Yep, first time to class in six days. Sad to write that, but illness does that. My plan was to find parking, walk over to food, and then to class with full belly. Alas, while I did find excellent parking, walking thru buildings got me warm, and I did not want to get cold walking to food. I sat in a lounge, listened to music, and relaxed until class.

Class was familiar and awkward at he same time. Familiar because the professor and I have talked over the past four years about communication, thus much of this was recap. Awkward because having missed so much class I feel like a stranger in the class room. Just an odd sensation, but it will pass.

After class was a surprise lunch and excellent conversation. I was treated like a human being, not a health care worker. Most excellent way to end my day or at least my day up to that point. Since that time, a nice, normal day. Feels nice. A few more of these and I will be complaining that nothing happens here. 🙂



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