I Don’t Know Inspiration (updated)

“What is your inspiration?” The professor asked.

“I don’t know,” replied the student.

“I have a great idea. Everyone can thank this student for this assignment,” the professor said.

And with that exchange, the entire class received an assignment to create an inspiration poster. To be clear, in the above dialog I was neither the professor or the student. I was laughing my ass off. Especially when the student explained that he did know, but had a now recognized bad habit to start off most sentences with “I don’t know.”

Who inspires me you may be wondering. You are wondering. After all you know my secret desires. Who or what could possibly inspire me? Here are few from my soon to be awesome inspirational poster:


Not this guy perse, although he is adorable, but the die. Without dice and games I would not be the creative storyteller who I am today. Games allowed me to express myself in many different ways and dice…well dice are the only reason I was able to learn to do math. Prior to games, I struggled mightily with basic math. Want to play a game with dice, you better learn basic math real quick.

Mentor+Foundation+Presents+New+York+Inaugural+IW-kVznZp7zlDr. Ruth Westheimer. For a short period of time she made sex cool. Not only was sex cool, it was cool to talk about sex. She inspired me to do more than have sex. She inspired me to learn about sex and to talk about sex in something other than hushed tones. We need another Dr. Ruth Westheimer.


Samurai. Warrior and poet or so the story goes. The truth is much deeper, but that initial exposure of warrior and poet. Seeing an example of a fighter with an artistic element inspired me to spend the rest of my life learning about Japan and Asia.

There are plenty of obvious inspirations to add to my poster, such as Barb and the kids. They inspire me in many way, from doing my best for them to never quitting to seeing the funny the three of them provide me with constant inspiration and gray hair.

ApocalypseKilgore1I should probably include some writers who inspire me to be a better writer or explore topics more, such as Anthony Bourdain, David Drake, William Gibson, and Isaac Adamson. Maybe music as well. I write to music. Music sets my mood. My mood shapes the inspiration. That would mean Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Yello. If nothing else that will make for an interesting clash of imagery on a page. If I am going to include music, I should include movies. Movies like books, crap need to add books too, have been influential and inspirational. Hmmm…Fight Club, 5th Element, Full Metal Jacket, Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, Die Hard (ran a yearly Die Hard gaming session did not matter the role-playing system either), Aliens…shit this could be a lot of images, better stick to the top 5. Books is even worse. Obviously the books written by the authors I named, but then there are so many other books…ugh this poster project is turning into a mess.

Update: Spent some time and here it is…

Inspiration Poster




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