Inspirational Finger

The Madness of Inspiration

Here is my inspiration poster (I posted this yesterday as an update, but you may have missed it). Feel free to use this for your inspiration poster or marvel at the wondrous creation and wonder “what the hell is all of this about?” I don’t mind. 🙂

Inspiration PosterYes I can offer an explanation for each image. Curious? Of course you are.

Marilyn Manson: (left corner with Conan), Good music to write to, good music to stomp to, plus most people are unprepared for how smart he is.

Conan the Barbarian: one of the first book series I read, inspired me to read more and write. Conan has ties to role-playing games, it wasn’t until Unearthed Arcana I could play a Barbarian character and when I could I played Conan. Role-playing games leads to writing, creativity, math, self-learning of…name a topic and I have probably done some research for one game or another-nuclear science to bullet penetration to beneficial herbs found in the wild.

Apnea: Lady in bondage-need I say more…maybe I do, head over to Monkey’s Made Me Do It, and read Bondage for Beginners. Apnea, also represents my photographic inspiration, partly because of images like this I created Naked In Life, a photo book of nude women doing normal everyday things.

Moving around a bit.

Archer and Anthony Bourdain: First, one of the best episodes ever of Archer. Second, Bourdain is inspiring due to his writing, his travels, and his attitude. Third, Archer, who doesn’t want to be Archer?

The White Square between them: An image from Dirty Doodles. A book with unfinished images of a sexual nature or are they, for you to finish using your imagination. Give it a try with that image. Why is that inspiring to me? Because this was a fun way to get people to think about sex, often revealing things to or about themselves through their drawings. From drawings came conversation, discussion, and writing.

Moving around a bit more.

Pris: (between the stormtrooper and Joker) Pris is from Blade Runner. Blade Runner was cyberpunk brought to life. Cyberpunk is one of my favorite genres to write. William Gibson, is the cyberpunk author-Neuromancer anyone? Thus, Pris, represent the inspiration of many different sources in one image.

One last one, and then you can ask your own questions.

Alex: I love A Clockwork Orange. The book, by Anthony Burgess and the movie. Both inspired me to do more with my writing, gaming, and life. I could go on, but that…we’ll leave that for a deeper discussion of my mind.

A Finger to the Week

387937_263810137009929_1271605470_nI was talking to Barb about this week, particularly the kids and this week. I was using my hand to illustrate my point. Each finger is a day and for those purists the thumb is Monday. Hold up your hand and count with me.

  • Monday, Presidents Day (fold that thumb-finger down)
  • Tuesday, Kids Sick Day (fold that finger down)
  • Wednesday, Kids Go To School (leave that finger up)
  • Thursday, Snow Day (fold that finger down)
  • Friday, Snow Day (fold that pinkie finger down)

See what I am getting at about this week and school?  Pretty obvious to us. 🙂

* Sons of Algebra, was a study group founded by me and we had shirts with the logo on them. 🙂



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