Damn You Taco Bell Marketing

I do not blame my son. He is not experienced with the world, thus when for months he has been combining tortillas and hard taco shells he was convinced that he was starting a renaissance of American Mexican food. We tried to explain to him how he could improve his revolutionary concept with cheese to hold the tortilla and hard shell together, but he would have none of our blather. And then…

Allow me to back up to earlier today. I was in the mood to make an American Mexican feast today. The usual staples, taco meat, chicken, Mexican rice, and the rest. I have found a couple seasoning recipes I use and experiment with, thus our meat no longer tastes like Old El Paso…just what that tastes like is questionable. I cook up my own fajita sides-onion, bell peppers, and seasoning. Overall I am pretty happy with our fare, especially since we have moved away from seasoning in a package.

We went to the store to pick up a few last minute ingredients, number one on the list was sour cream, a bucket full. Our girl has to have sour cream. I think she has a taco with her sour cream. I make a short cut through the “Mexican aisle” thinking I would grab some tortillas, when our boy stopped. There on the shelf was his renaissance, a tortilla wrapped around a hard taco shell. He had to try, in his words, “to see if theirs was as good as his.” I believe he was thinking lawsuit as well.

Apparently, Velveeta does not mean the same thing to him as it does to me. Velveeta has a couple of uses around the kitchen, mostly when I am in the mood for cheesy soup in the slow cooker. Velveeta is not cheese I think of when I think taco. And that is not what Taco Bell had in mind either. Velveeta was a glue. Take one tortilla, smear generous amount of Velveeta glue onto tortilla, place hard taco shell onto Velveeta, and wrap the rest of the tortilla around hard taco shell. Congratulations, you have created a double-decker or whatever inane name they gave it.

One bite and you could see the “what the?” look on our boy’s face.

“How is it?”

“Well…the cheese,” pointing at the Velveeta glue, “needs WoW. It has no WoW, like this cheese,” pointing at the sharp cheddar I shredded (yes, I am taking credit for shredding the block of cheese :)).

Barb says, “I would do it like this.”

She takes a tortilla, sprinkles shredded cheddar cheese over it (the same cheese I shredded :)), and heads to the kitchen. A few seconds later comes back with melty cheese tortilla, she sticks a hard shell on the cheese, wraps it up and makes a taco of her own.

“What do you think?” She asks the boy who has taken a bite.

“Wow mom, you have created something new and much better.”

Suck it Taco Bell, you suckered our boy once, I hope it will not happen again. 🙂

Side Note: I made a batch of cocada pudding, I upped the sugar to 1 cup, the shredded coconut to 1 cup, and let the cinnamon sticks stay in until step 5. The result, was much sweeter (duh), more substance per spoonful, and allowing the cinnamon to stay in longer did not make a noticeable difference to me.


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