Snow Day, Again?!

Today was another snow day. Our kids have not been to school since last Wednesday. For my sanity, I need them to go to school. For my education, I need them to go to school. For their education, I need them to go to school or I need to start home schooling them. Given how much they have been home over the past seven weeks, home schooling does not seem that far fetched. They are always home. They will be allowed to ask questions. Homework will be for their long term education versus for their short term test taking skills. Plus, I would have an excuse to buy a lot of crafty stuff and take field trips instead of vacations.

At least this year the snow days make sense, most of the time. Last year, they went to school on a day like today -21 degrees. The next time, they did not. This year each time the weather turns freezing, they stay home. So what did we do today? Depends on who you were.

Our boy learned, the hard way, that light bulbs are hot enough to burn and cause blisters. Neither child knows why he grabbed the light bulb. I tried my best techniques to get an answer, which seems to be “I don’t know.” On the plus side, he will never do that again. On the minus side, the parent in me wonders what else he will learn via experience as opposed to taking anyone’s word on the subject.

Barb went to school. Came home to find a blister waiting for her. The boy is deathly afraid of needles and would not allow me to lance his blister. He only allowed Barb to lance the blister, if I was in the room distracting him.

Our girl, watched Smurfs again. Really, that is all she did. I tried to get her to do more, but Smurfs were the word of the day. Smurf!

Me, I finished some homework. Practiced my presentation. Worked on my portfolio. Planned out the next few posts for Scrawlings. Wrote a bit, I have an idea for a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure, which could also be the start of a campaign or if I put enough thought into this idea a campaign itself. Dealt with the boy’s hand and tried to engage the girl. Smurf.

I am hoping that Mother Nature, Mr. Freeze, Iceman, Elsa, or whomever dragged the Polar Vortex over this region moves on. I am not asking for Spring, although that would be nice, but I am requesting a break from the deep cold. Our kids need to go to school, so do I, and I need to be able to get to the store without carting them around. I really don’t need to hear how they “need” everything they see when I am there to get cheese, bread, and some veg.



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