Robotech RPG Tactics, Better Instructions

I wasn’t planning on writing anymore about Robotech RPG Tactics. My feelings are well documented, however when an issue I wrote about is addressed, I should acknowledge what was done. In Tiny Part Madness and Throw Your Hands in the Air, I wrote about the instructions. The instructions included with the box are lack luster. Experienced model builders should be okay, but new model builders may get frustrated (I have heard from many who did) by the vague instructions.

Palladium announced new instructions would be made and released as free downloads, along with some “missing cards.” The instructions have popped up on DrivethruRPG. There are several downloads. They are free and best of all they are good. High resolution images, numbered parts, and easy to follow instructions. These new instructions should have been included with the original boxes. I can only hope that Palladium does the right thing and includes them will all future runs of the game.



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