Townieflage: Blending In Class


I would have rather had a Snickers and ate or dipped a Snickers into a yogurt, than the YoCrunch (silly name) with Snickers I ate. Add Oreos to yogurt, delicious and crunchy. Add finely ground Snickers to yogurt, kind of delicious and different, not quite crunchy, and not in a good way.

With that food review out of the way (take that with a grain of salt), today I went to class. I do not feel part of the class. Normally, I feel a distance from the class due to age and experience. My feelings of not being part of the class, have nothing to do with the students or professor, but me. I have missed more classes than I have been too. When I am in class I often feel as if I have walked in on the middle of a conversation. A conversation I can follow, still I walked in on middle. Hopefully, as the weather warms up, my school situation will flip from out of my control over to into in class where I will feel my usual distance, but part of the conversation.

Related to feeling apart, townies wear distinctive outfits, mostly centered around camouflage baseball hats, boots, gloves, pants, and brown or tan coats. I see townies dressed like this everywhere. Today, I found the coats. I have the rest of the outfit, minus the hat as I do not wear baseball hats. Despite wearing a similar outfit, townies react like everyone else does to me, a muted version of “What the fuck?” The townieflage (townie + camouflage) coats are winter coats, which is fortunate, as my winter coat has been less than warm. The coats come with a hood, which means I no longer have to wear a hoodie and winter coat. I was so excited by the townieflage coat that I wore it to the checkout where the cashier took one look at me and said, “Couldn’t wait?”

No, I could not. I was cold. Now I am warm. Wearing my new outfit, the townieflage outfit, we went to the store. This is not empirical evidence, more testing is needed, but townies treated all of us differently. They were immediately and obviously friendly to us. Townies are friendly, as long as you are not a student. It is a distant sort of friendly. Stares at a distance, keeping an eye on you, and will only talk to you when you talk to them. They tend to be frosty towards the students. Now they were friendly to us.

It was awesome. We carried on a conversation about the merits of bacon wrapped pizza with a random townie. In his words, “You have to try it once.” Barb is of the same opinion. I am on the fence. Part of me really believes that everything can be made better with bacon. However, I have experienced food that bacon did not make better. Pizza is good as is. Bacon as an additive would have to make pizza awesome. If the bacon wrapped pizza was anything less than awesome AWESOME!! I would be disappointed.





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