My Perfect Post

What an end to the week. In my head…no let me back up…after yesterday’s desultory meal at China One Buffet I was not in the mood to give my presentation, but I did. In my head it sounded better than it was. Such is life. Next time no China One Buffet, before or ever. I could have dressed better. I could have had a power point. I could have practice a lot more (although with five days of practice several times a day I thought I was on the ball with that). I was not perfect.

I do not believe in perfect. I do not like the word. I think perfect is an overused and misunderstood word. Here is what Miriam-Webster has to say on the word Perfect:


adjective per•fect\’per-fikt\

  1. having no mistakes or flaws
  2. completely correct or accurate
  3. having all of the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc.

Definitions 1 and 2 have no room for error. Definition 3 has a lot of room for error and subjectivity. Definition 3 is not perfect. Definition 3 was included because people overuse perfect. Definition 3 cheapens perfect.

Perfect is not attainable. Everything can be improved. Perfect is something to attempt obtain; a goal to for anyone to strive to be the best that they can be. However, I hear that everything and everyone is perfect at one time or another. BULLSHIT!

Food TV is the latest. Every cook or chef (2 different terms with different meanings for those not in the know-I am a cook, I am not a chef. I did not have formal training.) proclaims that their dish is perfect. No hint of sarcasm, shame, or even understanding of the meaning of the word. Perfect as if that word alone tells everyone what the dish tastes like or looks like. Then a critic, slams the dish for one reason or another, illustrating that the dish was not perfect.

Perfect, like the word busy, should be removed from the language or stressed in school. In order to keep either word from becoming overused and misused again. I hear perfect, I hear flaw. I know without having to look or taste or smell or touch there are flaws. Perfect seems to be a shortcut of thinking. I did the work, I am proud of my work, therefore the item must be perfect. BULLSHIT!

Nothing I do is perfect. Most things are as good as I could make them at that time. When I redo them, addressing the errors and imperfections is it perfect then? NO! It is only better than it previously was. Notice, better a subtle word with many shades. Great implies a big leap from one thing to another. If I make something and it is greater than another thing then when someone compares my thing against the other thing they are expecting to see huge improvements or something that makes mine worthy of the word great. Too subjective for me. Better allows for smaller improvements to be noticed, maybe even turned into great improvements in another person’s eyes.

I am a fan of imperfections. Imperfections that do not detract from the message, give character. If everything was perfect how would you distinguish one thing from another? An imperfection allows for distinction in both the positive and negative ways. Ponder that for a moment while you are looking at this photo:

Perfectly CleanThis photo, this room, and the statement by my boy that, “This room is perfectly clean,” was the straw that broke the perfect camel’s perfect back perfectly. Yes, you can laugh, we did.



9 thoughts on “My Perfect Post

      1. Ankoku1331

        You have no idea. One day before we move I will try to take a photo of all of the Legos…boxes of Legos.

      2. I can remember when my boys were little and their room was littered with Weebles… a whole slew of them; you couldn’t walk into their room without stepping on them!

      3. Pretty much and since they wobbled, hah, they might not have fallen down but I wound up on my ass quite a few times because of those damned things.

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