My Man There…

“in the corner,” gesturing towards me, “His on writing is the only one I remember.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I’m serious,” he continued.

And that was the best feedback I received on my presentation from Friday. The only memorable presentation because I believed in my topic and was able to convey that looking like…well me…camouflage pants and a Magic the Gathering T-Shirt are not “business casual.” In my business of stay at home dad, cook, writer, blogger, game designer, and home cleaner upper that sure as hell is.

For those of you not in attendance, my presentation was on the importance of writing and how On Writing Well by William Zinser is an excellent resource for anyone who has to write. Given everyone has to write for the rest of their lives-work, home, texting, etc. Why not have a book on hand that gives easy to digest advice about writing?

When I give a presentation, my hope is that people remember what I said. I know that most people are thinking about other things or texting while I am speaking. So when someone says they remembered a presentation of mine days after I gave it, I get pumped. I achieved my goal.

Now I have to start work on my next presentation, in two weeks.




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