Minecraft Ick Day

The kids and I spent the day home from school. Throughout the day one of us was rushing to use the bathroom. I will spare you the details. What do three people with ick do for the day? After cleaning the rest of the house you lay about and play Minecraft. I did some school related work between bouts of Minecraft and rushing.

Seems I have not thought as much about the print version of the portfolio as I had thought. I have print copies of everything on the portfolio. My plan was to PDF then and done. Then I started looking at them. Funny thing is when you see something day in and day out it looks good. When you look at several unrelated items together you see how similar they are. In this case, most of my samples have a similar format. I need to have or at least show different formatting. After all I do know how to do more than one or two formats.  Seems I fell into a formatting rut. Does explain why so much looks the same.

logoMinecraft with the kids is…what is the word I am looking for…

  • frustrating
  • fun
  • entertaining
  • work

I think those will do for starters. Our boy is the trekkie of Minecraft. Non-stop talk about the game; blocks, creatures, strategies, you name it he is talking about it, while we are playing. Problem is that part of Minecraft for me is discovering what works with what. Another problem, is the few times I do want to know how to do something, such as how get cows to get together to make more cows. My thought was instead of killing one cow at a time, why not have the cows make more cows in an enclosed area. Oh he knew about the enclosed area and cows-everything about cows-other than how to make them follow one of us into the enclosed area. Thankfully, he has a ton of Minecraft books. Watching him research the problem was awesome. Speaking as a dad who does research.

minecraft-animalsOur girl is a hunter-killer. Her killing EVERYTHING other than cats and dogs was the impetuous behind trying to start a ranch. Pickaxe, axe, shovel, brick, sword, even a handful of wheat, at dawn she set out into the world while I worked on our base and our boy blathered on. Right before nightfall she came back with an inventory full of animal parts, plants, and the occasional ore-usually “mined” when she was trying to kill an animal with a pickaxe and hit the block instead. At night, if an animal strayed into range of our lights, she bolted outside to kill the animal and any skeletons, zombies, or creepers that dared interfere with her hunt. If she could wear the skins of her kills she would. Scary I tell you.

Together we make an interesting team. Unless the boy gets on one of his kicks. Today was “must build Nether portal.” Fine, build your damn portal while I work on a wall, swimming pool, and outdoor garden for pumpkins. Our girl continued her single-handed efforts to wipe out all animal life. The boy built his Nether portal and came dashing back, his ass on fire. Seems there were fire throwing creatures on the other side. “I knew about them,” was his response to the obvious questions from us.



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