VICTORY! Points That Is.

I will spare you the details of my day and let you know that if today had a title it would be, “There and Barf again. The Humorous Adventures of Going Nowhere Without a Bucket.”

Today had a plan. That plan went up in smoke. Our first time in months to sleep in and we slept through our alarms. Ah well. So we made a new plan, BATTLELORE!!! I promised my boy, I would kick his ass and we would use the full rules. I did and we did. Allow me to say this, BattleLore Second Edition using all of the rules is a lot of fun to play.


To play a full game of BattleLore the following things have to happen.

Each player picks a scenario from three random picks. Each player’s scenario card determines what each half of the board will look like, deployment zone for each player, and special rules and victory conditions. Instead of one board layout per scenario, the board is generated randomly based on which cards the players have to choose from. We found building the board was fun.

BattleloreEach player builds their army. An army consists of 50 points of troops or 55 if a player chooses to have a command tent. There are three pre-built army lists to allow for quick play or using the cards build an army quickly. There is enough variety out of the box that building an army that suits you is mearly a matter of figuring out your play style.

Each player draws a hand of command cards and lore cards. Lore cards are special effects that require lore or magical energy to be spent to play them. A lore card has a cost, timing effect, and rules making using them very easy and effective.

Then you play. There is an added sub-phase of lore where a player chooses getting more lore points or lore cards. That is it. Rules on terrain are easy to understand; hills block line of sight; forests block line of sight and stop movement into them. Nothing overly complex, such as X terrain blocks line of sight, causes a reduction in blah, and increases blah.

Differences from Tutorial

The most noticeable difference was the diversity of units. I had archers and soldiers from the training mission. I also had a hero on a roc (large bird) and golems. My boy had a giant demon, obese demons, and demon dogs. Obviously the different units had new abilities to learn to use. My boy learned that his giant and obese demons were very slow; they got left behind as his army moved forward.

The other noticeable difference, was the effect of the lore cards. Using lore cards gave extra dice to attacks, activated units not activated by a command card, and other effects. Lore points which are used to play lore cards are easy to get; up to 2 a turn, die rolls, and card effects. At one point, I had 12 lore points due to card effects and die rolls.

How Did I Win?

Between my scenario card and the boy’s slow moving army and command tent, I was able to rack up 16 victory points for the win while avoiding the nastiness of his soldiers that get stronger to more injured they are.


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