Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Rebellion…Bah!

“Let’s use Luke.”

Argh. Ugh. Never have three words made my Imperial butt pucker. Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Rebellion. Whatever. Lucky shot and a public relations dream or disaster depending on what side you are on. I am on the Imperial side, he is a disaster.

Spring Break is upon us and we have gotten back to playing games. Today was our ongoing Star Wars Imperial Assault Campaign, which is nearing the end. The players headed off to Tatooine to save Luke Skywalker who had gotten himself into yet another jam.

LukeHaving learned from previous missions to focus on the objective, save Luke, and to stop thinking of their characters as delicate flowers the rebels stormed the Imperial position. With the advantage of some high power weaponry, found in previous games (lucky draws from end game “loot” stacks), the rebels were able to one-shot a probe droid (damn defective things if you ask me) and a E-web gunner. The loss of those left me holding onto my position with a stormtrooper squad and commander, who’s sole task seem to be to miss the jedi, Diala, making her more deadly.

By the time the door to the hanger was opened and Darth Vader strode out into battle the odds were stacked in the Rebel player’s favor. While Darth was surrounded by over eager rebels, does that not read weird, Luke hopped into his transport and blasted off. Giving Darth the finger, the Rebels another “Luke saved the day story,” and the Rebel players their first ally.

SabotageWho they wasted no time putting to use saving some stupid saboteurs us Imperials captured. Why we put them in a cell 60 feet down the hallway from the datacore they were trying to blow up, I will never know. Mine is to follow orders not to think about the grand picture. At least that is what the enlistment pamphlet said.

Allow me to say this, “I hate the smuggler!” Hate her! Turn one, first action: move to console; second action: roll to activate console–roll well, but even if failed has a re-roll–free saboteurs. Then in consecutive uses of quick draw (two of my activations), kill the probe droid and commander in the room with her. That was turn one. Is it any wonder that the rebels won this mission?

No it is not! Lightly defended base in the first place, three heavily armed rebels and their BFF Luke Skywalker tearassing through the prisonslashdatacorestoragefacility. I swear I put up a fight, but even with assault armor and an elite squad of stormtroopers there is only so much an Imperial Commander such as myself can do. And could someone please tell me why the Imperial Guard waited behind the locked door listening to our screams for assistance and did nothing until the rebels blew up the door?

Beleaguered Imperial Commander signing off.


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