Spring Break Work

Spring Break is here. Not really Spring yet, but at least the weather has decided to cooperate over the next few days. So what am I doing over Spring Break?

  • Vacation? Nope.
  • Drink copious amounts of alcohol? Nope.
  • Behave like a tourist wherever I am? Nope.

I am working. I have a portfolio due in 6 weeks. The portfolio requires my attention and I am give it my attention. One sample left to go. Several PDFs to post, but I am having fun with the remaining few. At the moment, Bondage For Beginners is a tri-fold pamphlet and Chastity Cat is looking like a sales flyer found on your window. Fun.

As part of the portfolio was redesigning my resume from something blah (admittedly it was blah) into something fun and more me. Now I have a landscape resume that is all sorts of fun and functional. Plus I can see all of the things I have done since I have been in school. I have been a very productive boy. From research to a conference to a k-12 handbook on volunteering there isn’t much I haven’t done…well there is plenty, but I have zero interest in on-campus social functions.

So I work. Between bouts of work I am playing games with the kids when they get home from school. The nice thing about Spring Break is that I get to work on my schedule at my pace. For example, I woke up finished my resume, a rough of the tri-fold pamphlet, posted some material to the portfolio, and made a rough plan for the rest of my work. If I was going to school this week, the resume would not be fun. It would be colorful blah. If I had class this week the presentation I am giving on my research on Monday would not get the attention it deservers or needs.

In a week when class meets, I will not have a tan or any drunken stories to tell, but I will be one week or more ahead of everyone else, which means I have room to maneuver as the end of the semester draws closer. There have been bumps, such as I totally blanked on an assignment. My notes have the assignment due next month, it was due this month. Thankfully the professor is letting me turn in the assignment and because this is Spring Break week I have time to get the assignment done.

Another bump was the Chinese restaurant in Mount Pleasant. We have been really craving Chinese food, there is was a good Chinese restaurant in Mount Pleasant. Sadly, times have changed. The staple-faced hostess had an attitude problem with customers and employees. Our waiter was doing his best Henry Rollins impersonation and not well. Mid-way through lunch, the cliché music you hear at any Mexican restaurant blares out of the kitchen baffling everyone in the restaurant. The food we had been dying for was lifeless in flavor and prepared poorly. Just sad.

Those bumps aside, Spring Break has been good so far. Here is hoping the rest of break goes as well, if not better.

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