Time To Myself, Time To Be Me


This Spring Break thing is great for my mental state of mind. I have time to do things. Things such as ignore my email, respond and post only NON-college related social media things, read books, write for me, and catch-up on things that have been on my “to do” list since this semester started.

Today, I finished up the last of the college work that I had on a list titled, “To do before break ends.” Much like a regular week, I busted my ass to get the list finished. And this was after a forgotten assignment was added to my list. In my defense, I did not forget the assignment I had it due next month. Oops. I would bore you with the list of work, but I am in a good mood, see the previous WHOOO HOOO above. 🙂

Some of the fun stuff I have been doing is reading. I have not had much time to read anything that wasn’t related to an assignment. Michigan history is interesting, but Zodiac Convergence is more fun. So far the story is of a young man who stumbles onto a ceremony where one man is attempting to gain the mystical power of every Chinese zodiac symbol. In the process of stumbling into the ceremony, the young man gets the power of the Tiger and meets the good guys of the story. The man trying to get all of the power was the bad guy…he seemed fishy at the time.

I have read Tiny Dungeon. Tiny Dungeon is only 53 pages long and 4 x 7″ (apx) in size, thus a quick read. For a minimalist role-playing game using three 6-sided dice, where weapons do 1 or 2 points of damage it looks fun. Not sure how much of a long campaign I could run, but I am setting up an playtest with the family. I will write a more detailed “review” later in the week.

If I have not mentioned this before I do so here, the music in Minecraft annoys the crap out of me. In fact, the number one reason I do not play a lot of Minecraft is because of the music. I fixed that. I ripped some Marilyn Manson, 16 Volt, Schnitt Act, Ministry, and Nine Inch Nails onto the Xbox. Now when I play and I played today, I am enjoying the game and the music. Still not digging creepers falling out of jungle trees.

With my writing for college out of the way, I have started writing for me. Yes, the blog is writing for me, but regular readers can tell when I am in school and when I am not. School writing has a lot of school references (duh), less games(sad), and food (double sad). Non-school writing is more fun; lots of games (hooray), food (yummy), and life (fun). School impedes these things. Oh yeah, so now that I have several days to myself, I have been writing for me.

I started a series for Brainstorm Overload-I have not been a very good co-blogger over there. 😦  The idea is small adventures, one or two-shots that can be used by anyone for any system. I have been writing them with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and Tiny Dungeon in mind. Which is a funny thought process because Dungeons and Dragons is the opposite of Tiny Dungeon in the area of rules and stats.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my time off to myself. And I am looking forward to this weekend, if all goes well we will finish our first Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign, try out Tiny Dungeon, play Sentinels of the Multiverse (looks awesome), and get some Pathfinder Adventure Card Game in before going back to the last half of the semester.


3 thoughts on “Time To Myself, Time To Be Me

  1. Dave, of Normal Deviations (remember him?), used to call Minecraft, “mime crap” – apparently his son was enamored.

    Pretty much all video game music annoys me. Except Ms Pac Man. Because, duh. 😉

    Enjoy your time off! 🙂

    1. Ankoku1331

      I remember Dave, he changed how I think about Mayo. 😦 I agree with you on video game music for the most part; Minecraft really sets me off though.

      Working on enjoying my time off. 🙂

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