Just Another Tiny Dungeon Crawl

Since we are going to play Tiny Dungeon this weekend, I thought I would make an adventure. Turns out making an adventure for Tiny Dungeon is much easier than any other system. The basic architecture of making an adventure is the same-why are the players going and doing what they are doing and what awaits them at said location. The easier part is the stating out of the adversaries. Any game master will tell you that stating out encounters can be time consuming especially in relation to the amount of time said adversary will remain in play. The math goes something like this: For every minute a game master spends stating out a monster expect said monster to be in play for that number in seconds; i.e. I spend 5 minutes stating out goblins, they will last about 5 seconds in the game. Fine, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it feels that way sometimes. Thus, Tiny Dungeons monster stats are a pleasant surprise, they take no time to generate, which means if the players mow through them I won’t be bothered. I have included my doodles and map.  🙂

Just Another Tiny Dungeon Crawl 1

Overview: For over a hundred years the ruins of the keep stood at the edge of grazing territory for the nearby village of (insert name of your favorite village). Nobody alive remembers who owned the keep or who brought the keep down. Adults warn children not to play among the ruins and ranchers keep their animals far away. From time to time a passing caravan will use the ruins for shelter, bringing with them tales of strange sounds at night, and the complete lack of any wildlife inside the keep’s wall.

Recently, some herd animals have gone missing. Wolves have been seen near the keep. The village headman (insert the name of your favorite village headman) has asked for volunteers to chase the wolves out the keep. To sweeten the deal, the headman (or woman) has offered to pay 2 gold for each wolf pelt brought back to the village.

JADC1The Keep: The ruins consist of two towers, supporting walls, and lots of overgrown rubble. One tower is almost intact, the top is missing and there is a large hole in an exterior wall. The floor of the tower has some rubble on the ground, a wooden trapdoor clearly visible, and stone stairs wind up the side to the top. The other tower is half as tall and filled with rubble. The courtyard is a mess of rubble and weeds.

There are signs of the wolves and goblins among the rubble and definitely around the wooden trapdoor: spoor, garbage, bits of food, animal remains, etc. The players should, if they are looking, quickly discover that the wolves and something more are using the ruins as a base. There are no exterior encounters.

JADC2Trapdoor and Dungeon: The wooden trapdoor is new construction; poorly assembled and requiring some work to open. The trapdoor being stuck is what lead the goblins to being digging out the dungeon (see below). A flight of carved stone stairs leads down into a dark corridor. Throughout the keep’s dungeon, an empty torch bracket can be found every fifteen feet.

The keep’s dungeon is dark, littered with rubble from walls and ceilings collapsing (no danger of a cave-in, but the players do not have to know that). Piles of refuse left by the goblins can be found in each room. As this was a dungeon under a keep the function was auxiliary barracks and prison. There are plenty of signs of both purposes from the cells, torture equipment, to the remains of beds and storage.

Background: This is stuff I think about, not germane to the adventure, the goblins found the dungeon and decided to make it their base. They made a new trapdoor, but due to poor construction were not able to open it and did not want to risk being discovered breaking it (goblin logic). So they started digging out the back wall of the barracks where they found a cave system. The wolves found the exit many miles away from the keep. Finding the cave system more to their liking (they could get out) they moved into the caves. There they made a home and found the lair of a giant spider who after some fights they left alone, tossing it a sacrifice of livestock from time to time.

Game masters can have the players encounter a goblin or two in the dungeon.

Cave System: The tunnel at the back of the barracks stretches for a half mile before exiting into the cave system. There is more light in here, enough to see large obstacles and those with low-light vision can see normally. There is lots of ambient noise and sound echo, meaning the players can hear the goblins and wolves well before they encounter them and should the players make a lot noise, vice versa.

I have not indicated where the goblins, wolves, or spider is located. I leave that up to you.

Monster Stats and Treasure

Goblin (14 to 16 total)

Hit Points 4

Goblin Agility

Rusty or poorly maintained dagger or short sword

1 to 6 goblin coins (currency among goblins-colored rocks, etc.)

Goblin Chief

Hit Points 5

Goblin Agility

Poor maintained short sword (“The sword of kings” etched in goblin along the blade)

3 to 8 goblin coins

Wolf (3 to 6 total)

Hit Points 5

Pack Hunter

Giant Spider

Hit Points 6

Poison Bite

Laying in a scattered pile of bones is a leather pouch containing 4 to 10 gold coins from 100 years ago (may be worth more to a collector) and a small silver statue of a woman holding a sword.






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