A Counting of Spring Break

I did not get a tan. I did not get drunk to the point of stupidity. I did not do anything embarrassing. I did not record my exploits in film and post them onto Facebook. I did have a good Spring Break. With the exception of today’s plans we did everything we set out to do over break.

Number one on our list, relax and recharge the batteries for the last few weeks of the semester. Knocked that out of the park. Hardly any stress at all this week and what stress there was showed up at the end.

Number two on our list, get out of here for a bit. While our big plans fell apart we found time to make a few day trips to places around here. With the weather cooperating the trips were better than expected. No snow. No freezing temperatures. No surly people. Sun, wind, blue skies, and best of all not here.

Number three on our list, eat non-buffet Chinese food that I did not have to make. We did that, but it was lackluster at best. On the plus side, eating the food was part of number two, so it all worked out.

Number four on our list, play games. As a family we wanted to and needed to play some games. Star Wars Imperial Assault was our big game. All of us wanted to finish up our first campaign. We got close, two games to go. The games were fun, Darth Vader issues aside.

Number five on my list, write. I know that seems odd, but I have been writing non-stop for weeks. I knew I would be posting 1 to 3 blogs a day. A lowering of writing from 1 to 5 seemed doable and was. By the end of break not only was I writing for me, I have a plan to write a lot more. Not bad for someone who was worrying he was out of things to write about. 🙂

Number six on my list, read. I have not ben able to read more than a page or two of non-school material. I wanted to crack open the Professional Chef again, start a new novel, read Tiny Dungeon, and a whole host of other books sitting by my bed. I did that. I started Zodiac: Convergence-a lite but fun read. I read Tiny Dungeon and even cracked open The Professional Chef. Summer cannot happen soon enough for my reading.

Number seven on my list, get ahead of the game for this semester. To that end, my online portfolio is finished other than some minor tweaks. Please take a look and let me know what you think. The print portfolio is well underway and in the rest of my classes I am either up-to-date or ahead of the program.

Not bad for a Spring Break where our kids were in school and we had no major plans that worked out. I am looking forward to getting back to classes, to get them over with, and because I feel recharged. Best of all this Spring Break is my kids discovered the joys of dancing and Marilyn Manson. 🙂

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