Wondering “About Me”

I wrote this today for my portfolio as part of the “About Me” section. I have written many “about me” pages and haven’t had one, other than Research Monkey, that felt right. One of the concepts of my portfolio is that it takes a village, with that in mind let me know what you think.


A Few Words From The Management

Welcome to my portfolio. On display here is me as a person and as a writer. The samples are…you know what writing this is a pain in the ass. There I said it. I am not a professional in the traditional sense of suit and tie, I do not own a suit and my ties are used for tying. I am a professional writer.

I am a professional in work ethic, standards, organization, and dedication to my craft. I identify as I writer. I take pride in my writing. I work every day to become a better writer. But, I do not take life as seriously as the people who wanted me to create this portfolio may have wanted to. That being said, I am glad that I created this portfolio and proud of the work here.

This portfolio is the most accurate representation of me, at this time. A month from now, my writing will be better, but the humor and topics will not have changed. I write about life, games, sex, and food. I stand by everything I have written and where I make mistakes, I correct them as soon as I learn about the mistake.

What do games, sex, and food have in common? They are all topics that require constant learning and practice. All three in one way or another are misunderstood; games are for children–are they?–sex–need I say more?–and food, most people think they know how to cook—do they? All three topics are filled with myths, urban legends, and outright lies. Further, people want to learn what they can. I enjoy sharing what I have learned and experienced with others; to answer questions and to put to rest misinformation.


Research Monkey, PHD has asked me to provide the following, which are the most commonly asked questions:

Before the technical writing degree, I went to school to become a sex therapist and psychologist.

Research Monkey, PHD, is a character or voice in my head who I use to express myself. He got his PHD after two-years of working in the Scrawlings of a Mad Man division.

Original Company LogoMuketsuhana Games is a company I founded many years ago to publish games I wrote. Muketsuhana “means” bloodless flower or without color. The logo is a red flower losing all of the color. Since that time, Muketsuhana Games evolved into a sub-division of the Speaking Out on (insert topic) brand; see Speaking Out on Life, Scrawlings of a Mad Man, and Brainstorm Overload for additional writing and branding.

Why monkeys? Who doesn’t love monkeys? Too cliché? Monkeys have a place in my heart after seeing monkeys moon my family at a zoo.


Thank you to the following villagers. No individual is an island, no matter how much you think you are independent, there are other people on the island.

Barb and the children: daily love, support, and inspiration

Paul, Sandy, and Erin: the three of you have shown this “old man” a few dozen new tricks

Chris and Darin: writing partners and friends

Jessica, Sara, and Andrea: family, friends, inspiration, sounding boards, and muses

Mrs. Fever, KDaddy, LoveSexandMarriage, Cara Theron, Seattlepolychick, and the dozens of bloggers who have come and gone: all of you have inspired me with your willingness to share your lives, thoughts, hopes and dreams with the world



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