A Great No School Day

Today has been a good day.

I walked to class. I did not have to walk to class, not because I have a car, but because class was canceled. However, I had sent all of my stuff to work on to school to print. I was sitting at home watching TV when I decided to go to school to print off my work and the plan was to see where the day went until lunch.

Arriving at class I was informed by the professor that there was no class. Knew that. Then we talked like we normally do, except this time there were no students to pester us or class to interrupt the conversation. Today’s conversation was about food. Normally we share kid and family stories or life as we are the same age, but today was all food. I do not get to talk about food that often. Most students do not cook, thus cannot talk food with me on the same level; i.e. usually I am teaching them something.

After talking about food was learning about ISBNs. I confess that my knowledge of ISBNs is old. The professor was equally out of date, so I spent time between printing work learning about ISBNs. Thankfully, I do not need one if do not plan on selling to anyone other than myself or a select group. Unfortunately, I have bigger plans than selling to myself, which means I should get an ISBN or two. Learning about ISBNs is part of my road to self-publishing, hopefully soon, again.

While researching ISBNs, KDaddy, a fellow blogger sent a comment to yesterday’s post that lifted my spirits and the spirits of several writing professors. Honestly, I did not know how people received my thoughts/rant on learning about writing. Until KDaddy posted his comment, I thought I was alone in the thought that learning about writing seems to be a bad thing and that is a bad thing. Then I got his comment and showed it around and discovered that as discouraged as I am professors have it worse. I only have to read/edit bad writing while I am in classes, for them…it never ends and they too would like learning about writing to cease being a bad thing.

Then I had my meeting. This meeting was short, to the point, and very good. We caught up on family and I found out that as long as I pass the communications course and the portfolio course I will have completed my major. I have two minors to wrap up, but if I so desired I could call it quits and get to work. Minors first folks.

I go to lunch on Thursdays with a friend and fellow classmate. We have been inviting fellow students with mixed results, but with class canceled today we invited the professor and Barb who got home early joined us. Today was a new place for me, a pub downtown. What a great time. The professor who I think is a blast in the first place was even better in public. The food was great. The menu…I found three things I did not want to eat, the rest…let’s just say lunch will be there from now on.

Now I am wrapping up this blog and getting ready to wrap up work for the week, we have a Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign to finish. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Great No School Day

  1. I understand that if you can’t write, you can’t communicate and if you can write well, you can communicate well… but it’s never easy to teach this or to learn it – but it is worth the effort.

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