Let’s Play Around Exams

Once again I have busted my booty to have the weekend to play games. I do not know what games we will play, as Barb as an exam or two to study for by Monday, which means she will should be busy and unable to play games. Our hope was to finish our first Star Wars Imperial Assault, but I do not think that will happen. Crossing our fingers.

If she cannot play, the kids and I have plans to play Tiny Dungeon. We did not get to that last weekend. They are excited for a role-playing game that by name alone sounds like it was designed for children. You know, Tiny and all. Lame joke, I know. I am excited to play because I am working on a supplement or two for Tiny Dungeon. Published under my own label, but for use with Tiny Dungeon.

sentinels_guiseOther gaming plans this weekend include a few more games of Sentinels of the Multiverse. We played last weekend and I tried to write something about the game, but could not find the right words. There is nothing wrong with the game, in fact the opposite. Sentinels of the Multiverse has replaced DC Deckbuilding as our favorite superhero game. I got to scream WOOO! during a game and got a bonus for doing so, you cannot scream WOOO! during DC Deckbuilding or Marvel Legendary and get anything other than stared at. And let me tell you about playing air guitar…wait, that can wait for another blog.

If all of that goes well there is talk of some Machi Koro, which because games are quick Barb could take part in and not disrupt studying. I enjoy Machi Koro, very similar to other games like Dominion, but more relaxed even when a certain someone in the house [cough] our boy [cough] owns several restaurants and makes his money off of my hard earned labor and planning, but bad die rolls.

I think that is enough planning of games. Hopefully everything works out.

In other news, related to the above (see Tiny Dungeon), I am working on a plan to begin self-publishing again. At this moment, I am in the research phase as much has changed, for the better I think, since I last self-published three or four years ago. I enjoyed publishing my own books and such, but then school got in the way and you know how that goes. Well you do if you have been following along for even a little bit. 🙂 I am sure that as I learn the lay of the landscape that I will write about my learnings and ask my questions, as I know there are many of you who are publishing your own material as well. Why not share experiences?

There are our plans for the weekend in a nutshell-studying, games, and learning about self-publishing. What are you doing?


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