The Tighter My Grasp, The More I Crush Rebels

“Well in the movies, the Empire loses.”

“This isn’t the movies.”

With a happy heart I am here to report that our first Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign has come to an end and


darth-vaderOverconfident Rebel scum attacked the Imperial base on Ord Mandell. Due to earlier victories, the rebels split into two squads, confident that they would “blow my troops out of the way.” This might have been true, if I was not using ELITE troops. Allow me a moment to savor the victory and the images of victory along the way.

The mission was Last Stand. Fenn Signis with his new disrupter rifle ran straight at the last member of a stormtrooper squad he had engaged from the start, totally ignoring the ELITE E-Web gunner. That stormtrooper was the luckiest trooper in the Empire. He survived the attack and two more before falling. It was epic. However, because Fenn ignore the E-Webb gunner, Fenn was gutted, as in flipped over to wounded, by the E-Web gunner.

Jyn Odan, smuggler and bane of my Imperial existence ran over to assist Fenn. Alas, she arrived in time for the ELITE stormtrooper combat veteran squad wearing assault armor. She too ignored the E-Web gunner, for a turn, before finishing it off. Unfortunately, for her the stormtroopers were on point and gutted her.

Diala Passil and Luke, Pain in my Imperial ass, took on some royal guard, who proved to be more resilient that they expected.

By the end of turn 3, Fenn and Jyn were wounded AND suffering from additional damage. Diala and Luke arrived at the first of several doors, finding a probe droid and ELITE Royal Guard waiting for them. At this point, Jyn uttered, “Let’s surrender, I want to dance.”

Turn 5 saw Fenn, Jyn, and Luke removed from the board. Oh sure, they had inflicted plenty of damage on my troops, I was down to the ELITE stormtrooper squad, but I had been saving my points for two turns. Diala only slightly wounded outside of door two (if you are familiar with the scenario, you know that the players did not travel far and a lot more waited for them behind the doors) surrendered when two more ELITE Royal Guard arrived to lay down another beat down.

With her surrender at the start of turn 7 (she did try to fight for another turn), the Empire crushed the Rebel attack on Ord Mandell and removed this band of traitors from the universe. A good day for the Empire. What do you mean we lost more missions than we won? Doesn’t matter in the end we won!

First Campaign, Final Thoughts

Our first campaign has been a great gaming experience. In most games you play through the campaign and you are done. Not Imperial Assault. Sure the story missions will be the same or at least in the same in pairs, but the side missions change. Combine that with different choices made by the Imperial player as far as skill deck and build of the Influence deck and we have another two or three campaigns to play. This does not take into account new material being released.

Here are some pointers for everyone:

1.) Learn the rules, there are a lot of little rules, such as movement which are important to know

2.) Rebel and Imperial players MUST know their cards. I cannot stress this enough; all of us at one time or another missed little details on a card that would have made the difference in damage or outcome of an encounter.

3.) Imperial player, study the scenarios and plan your Open cards well. Make sure you can afford to deploy Open cards. i.e. no point in taking that 8 point elite E-Web gunner if you cannot deploy him for 2 turns in a 5 turn scenario

4.) The first campaign will be rough, at first

5.) Focus on the objectives.



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