History Retro Beatdown

Who writes a bad ass history paper? This GUY! 74 out of 75 points. I lost a point because the professor and I differ in opinion on writing styles. Even in something normally as boring as a history paper, I like to inject a bit of ME. I think most things could use an injection of ME. Read that as you will. 🙂

Am I Retro?

jordan_xii_rising_sun_release_1-570x379Sitting in class, up front a student is giving a presentation ending with a dog-fighting is bad joke, which fell flat. The next presenter gave a presentation on the ASPCA; from dog-fighting to save our animals–I cannot make this up. After the ASPCA, was a presentation on Air Jordan shoes. The presenter kept calling the shoes retro, I had a problem with that. I remember when Air Jordan’s were new. If I can remember it, how can it be retro? So very odd. I want to say this was one of the those moments where I felt older, but I did not, I just kept wondering why anyone would pay $200 for shoes (they did look nice). If I paid $200 for shoes a.) I am not wearing them in public where they can get scuffed; b.) I am cleaning them daily with a diaper; and c.) the shoes had better do something more than being a shoe. The shoe in the photo was designed to have the image of the rising sun, pretty cool if you ask me.

Music to Beat a Printer to Death

The video is the answer to “What music do you listen to while beating a printer with a baseball bat?” The printer that I formerly loved, betrayed me. I deal with betrayal in a very straightforward manner, revenge. A printer has one job, to print. Not to tell me, “No I cannot print that,Hal.” I wasn’t asking for anything weird either, I wanted to print out my portfolio, a pocket book I feel is done, and two more in need of editing. Alas, the blinking red light of NO! I will show the printer NO tomorrow.





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