Today, I Got Yelled At And It Was Awesome

Today was a long time coming. Really it was and if you happen to be in the class I am about to write about you shouldn’t be butthurt, you got off lucky. If I had been the one doing the talking, two of you would have cried and two of you would have quit the class. Maybe those numbers are high, but my point stands everything the professor said to ALL of US was true.

  • Disappointed.
  • Would have to work to reach mediocre.
  • Would not hire any of you.
  • Crap.

And so on.

I’ve been there, I have seen the half-assed attempts. I have listened in silence (mostly silence) to the bitching, whining, and complaining. Too hard. Unrealistic. Blah, blah, blah. I understand, I was young once too and thought the world was out to get me and I knew everything. Now I am older and this is how the world works. Don’t like it, QUIT, nobody will miss you. See, I am much harder.

This class is designed to give students a taste of life, primarily taking the skills you were supposed to have been learning for the past three or so years and showing off. How fucking hard is showing off? I don’t think showing off is hard. This class is also the one class that students need to graduate. Not any other class, fail this class and you do not graduate with the degree. For that reason alone, students should have been giving this class their all from day one.

Alas, this class has been treated like every other class… Blow off the assignments. Bitch about the assignments. Half-ass the assignments. Stare open mouthed when the feedback rolls in. And so on. I am not making this up and I am not claiming to be guilt free. I too have phoned in a couple of the assignments, but in the important-make or break-assignment I have put forth a ton of effort and…

when I saw what other people who are supposed to be at the same skill level turned in I was disappointed as well. No, I was pissed. These are people who will be working in the same field as I am. These are people who are supposed to be as capable as I am (years of experience aside). These are people who are supposed to have learned how to do something as basic as write a competent paper and make it look cool. Seriously how hard is that?

Busy? Really? Fuck your busy. I’m busy too. Busy is what everyone on the planet other than the dead are.

So today I got yelled at and it was awesome. I asked for feedback and I got feedback. I will turn that feedback into something stronger. I will not complain, I will not bitch, I will not whine. Time for a gut check and if you can’t take one or two to the gut, time to get out and find something more suitable to do.


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