Welcome To…We’re Closed For the Day

If you live in Michigan you are used to the following:

  • Snow and cold
  • Spring thaw
  • A glimmer of hope that weather has flipped to warm
  • SNOW AND COLD return for 1 week

And that is where we are today, the cold and ice rolled in. Snow is to follow. There was enough ice to close school for the day. And an hour later the ice was gone. Odd, but safety first. When the kids are home I have a difficult time accomplishing anything. If I am being honest I want to play games with them. Thankfully, I was up at 6am. What do I do when I cannot get back to sleep? I write.

In this case, I made a list of the various things I needed or wanted to get done today, some of which included both portfolios and assignments for other classes done. At the bottom of the list was a list of personal writing. I did not deviate, for 6 hours I worked on the work list. From my perspective the online portfolio is done. Additional feedback may get me to tweak it some more. The print portfolio is turning into a task.

The plan was to take what I put online into print with some minor tweaks. Yeah, that isn’t happening. Page counts. Ugh, I had not considered how long my portfolio would be and when I was done I was looking at 80 pages. Very cool 80 pages, but who is going to read that? Nobody is. Back to the drawing board. This time a respectable 30 some pages. But the intros read like…well, like they were online. Ugh! Start revising them. After four hours, I quit and moved onto other work.

Needing a break I went to class. Yes, you read that right. I took the boy with me. We got yelled at by a professor when we stumbled into her class. In our defense, students were leaving and we did not see her anywhere until she started yelling. I do mean yelling. My boy made BOO and OK! signs to hold up during other people’s presentations. I prevented him from using them, but the idea was funny and he would have tired out both his arms holding up the BOO sign. It was one of those days in class.

Back home, no mood to do more work. Time for me to work on some my own writing.


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