Stupid Crap Questions

Morning PrintCrap! Double Crap!

A weekend’s worth of work (the photo is the work from the weekend printed out) and crap!

I didn’t lose the file.

The file wasn’t corrupted or anything like that at all.

Just the simple fact, that what I saw on the screen and in my head did not translate well into print. There were some nice parts here and there, but overall, crap!  Back to the drawing board. At least I know what does not work and what I do not want to do. I know what I want to do, but translating what I see in my head to print is turning out a bit more difficult than expected.

To alleviate the sense of wasted time and to deal with the inadvertent stupidity caused by others I went out for lunch. Let me say this, stupidity caused by others is one of the sins that should be addressed. I don’t know, maybe put all of the stupid people in one place or something like that. I don’t want them all killed off. Perhaps a zoo-museum of stupidness, where visitors can see stupidity in the wild and exhibits such as the great wall of stupid questions. What bothers me more than the stupidity (seriously how hard is it create something that shows off creativity and knowledge) are stupid questions that cause everyone to get more work. Yes, this happened today and a couple of days ago…blame the extra work on stupidity.

I get it. You don’t know something, ask a question. I support asking questions. I do not support or endorse asking questions where the answer is what someone just said. If I tell you my name is Nate and you ask me, not even two seconds later, if my name is Nate, you have asked a stupid question and/or need to have your short term memory checked. Either way something is wrong.

Thus, between my own sense of crap, people asking stupid questions, and  people trying to pass off crap as gold or not even have crap to show (at least bring a pile of crap with you), I was very annoyed. I left to get lunch. Lunch was good. I have said repeatedly, Big Rapids has very few good eating options, where I went is one of the good ones. A burger and a beer later (no I do not normally drink during a week day, but I wanted something to put me in a happy place and less likely to break out “Dad voice”) I went back into the arena determined to salvage my crap.

Flipping through my crap, I see glimmers of hope. Table of contents, unnecessary, but a full page layout combining graphics, fiction, and game stuff looks good-if it is on less than four pages–and so on. By the time I was done I was feeling better about my self-proclaimed pile of crap. I was feeling really good about the rough print copy of my first pocket book.

I have to see things in print. Hold them in my hand. I don’t trust the screen, my crap portfolio is a good recent example–looked good on the screen, on paper not so much–which is why I printed out the pocket book. I was expecting the pocket book to look bad, but it looks good.


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