A Font of Issues

Ever ask yourself, “Self, what font is me? What font best says ME?” Really, none of you? I find that hard to believe. I bet if WordPress did the humane thing and opened up all of the fonts for all of the themes for free (I better get credit for that idea by the way) there would be blogs in all sorts of fonts and one of the leading ones would be comic book sans. Don’t hand me that “Comic books sans, Bah!” crap either. Everyone secretly enjoys comic book sans. It is a fun font.

CC---Post-Fonts-000-Page-1Is fun me?

I think so. Unfortunately, there are way too many people who want to see professional or as close to professional as possible verses fun. That right there says a lot. Fun is way better. Yet, I wonder is comic book sans really me? It is a conundrum as I am working on my print portfolio and I would like the font to match…well me. I would also like the font to match the material as well, but that may be more confusing than anything. For example:

What font says monkey?

What font says bondage?

What font says cocada pudding?

What font says…you get the idea.

On the positive side, I was able to correct all of the issues from yesterdays crap. Not the stupid people part, they apparently are here to stay, but my print portfolio issues. Of course since I have not printed anything out yet, the computer screen could be lying to me again and showing me what I want to see. If that is the case the computer screen will meet the same fate as the printer that betrayed me.

e3b551f1a88a4311a9fa91ba50b2302bNow totally unrelated to the above, other than the above is keeping me occupied, this weekend our boy is going to try his hand playing the Imperials. If he does well, his words, or in reality enjoys trying to destroy us we may have our second Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign underway. The great thing for him is he gets to learn from my experiences and even better the other figures arrived today.

I cannot stress this, if you enjoy playing Star Wars Imperial Assault and are having issues similar to mine playing the Empire in the campaign, get IG-88 and Royal Guard Commander at a minimum. The influence cards are worth the price of admission and if I had them, our campaign would have been much different. Being able to pump up Royal Guards, force the Rebels to pay to prevent me from gaining extra influence or replace side missions would have given me an advantage none of the cards I had gave me. Now if more skill decks would come out for the Empire all would be well.






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