There’s A New Imperial Officer In Town

Organized EmpireLook how organized this new Imperial Officer is. Hopefully, he has more luck than I did as agent of the Empire. Yes I won, but only at the last minute. A tally of my career is a tally of facilities destroyed and requisitions for new stormtroopers.  This new Imperial Officer, our boy, has the benefit of my experience and advice. At least he will get my advice for the first few games.

I had nothing do to with the table. He set-up the training scenario and organized everything. When I pointed out the treasure cards would not be needed, he simply said, “I want to get used to having everything in place.” How awesome is that?

We played through the training scenario, not for the benefit of the Rebels, but for the benefit of the new Imperial Officer. Having all of those resources to move around and keep track of can get overwhelming. Thus, he got a chance to train against the jedi, the solider, and the wookie. I have wanted to play the wookie since I opened the box. Was the wookie worth the wait?

Hell yeah! Before I talk about the awesomeness of the wookie, a word about our boy’s first effort. Before the soldier took her (played by Barb) move he wounded her with the probe droid and E-Web gunner. Talk about ruthless. Due to a door that would not open and a smart wookie player (me) he could not make any other equally devastating moves. The wounded soldier havoc shot the E-web and a stormtrooper which allowed the awesomeness of the wookie to shine. With a single move the wookie took out the E-Web gunner and the stormtrooper. Awesome!

The training scenario lasted two more turns before the Rebels won. The scenario is designed for the Rebels to win, otherwise people would not play. During clean-up we talked about the game. I expected him to not want to start a campaign as the Imperial player, he surprised me with his enthusiasm to crush us Rebels, his words.

Things he can keep doing:

  • Play to win
  • Sound effects: Pew Pew! 🙂
  • Organization (he set up our characters for us, I never did that)

Things he can stop doing

  • Gloating during the game: yes your stormtrooper inflicted a wound, but then he and two others died from return fire

That is all the gaming this weekend. Unfortunately school got in the way and fortunately a birthday party did get in the way.




2 thoughts on “There’s A New Imperial Officer In Town

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