A Quick Post Of Sun

Today was a gorgeous day outside. Yesterday was overcast and snow was on the ground. Today, sun and clouds. See below:

Outside 1 Outside 2

The photo on the left (wall) is from the second story of the Starr building where everyone has at least one class during their stay at Ferris. It happens to be one of my favorite views because of the shadows on the wall and the odd bat hanging from the wall.

The photo on the right is in the courtyard outside Prakk, where you can find me most days I am on campus. The building is drab, but the view outside is good.

When I wasn’t walking around I was working on my print portfolio, version 8 now, I am happy with the progress and look. Mostly fine tuning the look. I learned that there is a scanner/copier/printer that can send emails. Pretty cool. Not sure why I am so surprised by that other than I never would have thought to put an email function onto a printer.

And that was my day, I’m off to work on version 8 as I have two-weeks before I have to present the whole shebang.


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