And DONE!!! Version 2 or 3 or is it 4 now?

Cover 2Congratulations Nathan Richmond!
You have successfully published Monkeys Made Me Do It on Lulu.

With that message, 11 weeks of work is DONE! Out of my hands. Now I wait for the copies to arrive and hope that all is as it looked on the screen, but as I have learned, the screen lies. I will not worry, as I have done my work and then some on this semester long project. So what does this mean for the blog…


1.) a lot less posts about my portfolio, that should make some people (myself included) happy

2.) time for me to relax and get back to playing games or taking part in games

3.) other classes can get some attention…sorry professors in other classes, hopefully you understand

4.) more time for games. I just checked and our boy is eager to crush more rebels

5.) with this experience, self-publishing pocket books of erotica and Tiny Dungeon sourcebooks is very doable

Whew! Not what do I do with my time. I finished this project right before a four-day weekend where I was planning on working on the project. Now what? Oh yeah, I do numbers 2, 4, and 5 from the above list. 🙂

The gist is that game and food topics will return to their usual pace instead of portfolio all the time. Sorry about that, but I write what is happening to me or on my mind. Right now on my mind, is…

Barb bought me a shirt. If you have read even a smattering of posts you should be aware that I do not own professional clothing or even business casual and my attempts to have cargo pockets deemed business casual have fallen on deaf ears. WHY! At least I am wearing pants that could pass for pants worn in an office. Just ignore the cargo pockets. Oh you can’t because they are so big. UGH!

Anyways, Barb and others (cough…everyone I know) would like to see me “dress up” once in a proper fashion. Unfortunately for them I cannot go out and buy these types of clothing as my skin burns and I get sick to my stomach in stores with professional clothing. Plus, I am good at redirecting when we do go out to shop for such items, “Hey, how about we go to X,” X sounds 10 times more fun than going clothing shopping with me who is notorious for getting grumpy in the same way wookies and losing do not go together.

Up to this point in my life, 40+ years, no one has challenged this. I like that. I wear what I want to wear. Sure I look odd, but I am odd. I do not have to deal with clothing that makes me break out in a flop sweat just thinking about. Alas! I have married someone as treacherous as me. Treacherous I say! Betrayal of the foulest kind! Barb bought me a shirt. A business casual shirt of all things!

While I was in class and while I was having one last review of my portfolio she was out shopping. She said, “I’m going to get a shirt.” I thought she meant for herself. If I had only known, I would have gone with her to prevent this affront to my personage. A red, long sleeve, collared shirt with buttons! BUTTONS! I may not recover from this.





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