A Great Day To Do Nothing…

..but I cannot do nothing. I have to do something. That is my nature. I woke up to sun and by the time I got my camera to take my daily sunrise photo for my Instagram account, the clouds rolled in as one solid mass. Then the rain started. What to do on a rainy day when the kids are at school? At the top of the list, decompress some more from the elation high of finishing a huge project that I care about (as opposed to…never mind no bitching).


That felt better.

So what did I do?

Barb and I went out to lunch. We do this once a week, but due to time crunch have to eat at Wendy’s. Not today. Today, we took our time and had some awesome burgers. With many of the students away for Easter break or mid-Spring break or is it pre-Spring break or one-week into Spring break, but not really Spring break as you had that when it was cold and snowy, the townies came out. I like the townies. If you have ever seen the movies State and Main you can imagine what the townies are like. Everyone knows everyone, making for a pleasant if odd scene.

At home, I pulled out the manuscripts for Stories From A Cyber-Stroud and the Tiny Dungeon Stories From A Cyber-Stroud sourcebook I am writing. I admit I am old school. Many of my ideas begin on paper, transferred to and fleshed out on the computer, and the first batch of edits is done on printed out copies. I am getting better about editing on the computer, but the damn thing does not feel right to me, yet. With both manuscripts in front of me I went looking for story snippets that looked good next to rules or other game text. Despite having a 100 pages of story material, looks like I will be creating some new material for the Tiny Dungeon book.

Working on something for me feels great, usually only get to do this over long breaks or summer. I do miss life before college. My goal is to have the Tiny Dungeon sourcebook ready for print by the end of the semester in May. I do not know if I will do more Tiny Dungeon sourcebooks, but while I am working on that book I am also assembling and editing pocket books of erotica and a small one of recipes, not a cookbook, just some recipes I find myself sharing a lot. I paid for these skills I should put them to use and since my first “online show me your portfolio” interview went nowhere, * I might as well go into business for myself.

Not a bad way to spend a rainy day while the kids are at school, working on something for me.

* I checked back after a week of no word and I would have been okay with the whole thing, if the person who asked to see my portfolio had said, “Sorry your writing is not for me,” instead I got, “No, I haven’t looked at it, I’m busy.” Um…okay moving on.


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