That’s Officer Thinking

We would be playing Star Wars Imperial Assault right now, but for two things:

1.) I have a sinus headache that has one side of my face feeling like someone is simultaneously sitting on my head while jabbing me with an icepick.

2.) More importantly to why, our boy has the makings of a better Imperial Officer than his father.

bunker1When our first campaign began I quickly read over the Imperial cards and made a decision based on what I thought was likely to happen over the course of the campaign. Which is how I ended up with an influence deck that did not work for me and a skill deck that looked really good, but needed more, such as two combat veteran cards. Only during and after the campaign did I really read the cards and discover the world of options I screwed myself out of. Also, as I said in an earlier post, the addition of the figure packs opened up influence deck options.

Our boy took my advice to heart and read the cards. Still is reading the cards. He read over all of the skill cards, setting the Military Might deck aside. I do not know which deck he finally settled upon and I do not want to know until the campaign is underway. He read over all of the influence deck options. Then he read over them again. Unlike me, he did not grab 18 he liked, he has been very deliberate, at the moment only 6 cards have been pulled out.

To sharpen his tactical skills our boy has been playing Civilization Revolution on the Xbox. At least that is what he keeps telling us.

I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us.


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