Requisition Forms? In Triplicate?

Our Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign 2 is underway and the Rebels are kicking much Imperial ass! I could rave about our victory in Aftermath and the wookie rampage through Life Debt, but I won’t. Yes, I will. Our three Rebel team of a sniper, jedi, and wookie trounced the Imperials in Aftermath, but not really through our play, but due to the inexperience and “I know it all” attitude of the new Imperial Officer. We won Life Debt only because in my opinion, early missions are in favor of the Rebels.

As you may know, our boy is playing the Imperial side. You may be aware that he is way more organized than I was (I have taken note of some of his organizational ideas). What you may not know is that our boy is 10-years old and he “knows it all.” I have been trying to assist him with the game so he is ready for the campaign, but he told me, not only did he know what I was telling him, he knew everything else. Thus, sensing a learning lesson I backed off. We started Aftermath the next day…

Life Debt…for those of you not familiar with Imperial Assault, each mission is dynamic-the actions of the Rebel players trigger events during the mission, generally giving the Imperial player more troops or resources. If the Imperial player does not read the missions, they screw themselves out of resources. See where this is going? He said he read the mission. He gave all of us attitude when we reminded him before and during the mission. Thus, the part where he was supposed to get much needed reinforcements in the form of an E-Webb gunner, Imperial Officer, and squad of Stormtroopers he got nothing and we won. Fair? Maybe not, but when the mission was over, he started reading the next mission Life Debt.

Life Debt he lost, but not because of a lack of reading, but because early missions the Imperial player gets a lack of resources that hampers options.  And the blaster cannons that caused the wookie, me to become focused, how odd. In an Archeresque moment the wookie, me, screamed RAMPAGE! and tore ass through the mission. If I could I placed myself in front of a blaster cannon to get shot, thus focused-injured, but focused-smashed terminals, crushed probe droids, and nexu on my way to free the captive wookie. The sniper did what snipers do best, stayed in one place and shot anything she could see which turned out to be a lot due to the scope she purchased after Aftermath.

Our boy did the best he could with what he had, putting his skill card to use, forcing one of us each turn to choose between gaining a strain or losing a lightning bolt on a die roll, but three turns had to pass before he could deploy his first reinforcements. Unfortunately the wookie and jedi happened to be standing next to the deployment zone. Things did not turn out well for the stormtrooper reinforcements. By the time he had enough points for anything else and by the time we triggered the dynamic event, the mission was over.




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