Time Dilation Collared Cupcake Presentation

There I was standing in front of the class. I distinctly remember slide one and starting off odd; mentioning something about the sinus meds I was on or at least something like that. Then I was on slide 5, which was my last slide. I hope I sounded coherent, but much like those times when you are driving home and realize you have gotten from point A to point B without any recollection of doing so, I finished my presentation on Smoking Salamander and their awesome customer service.

I hate sinus drugs. Either I get really hyper. Imagine child after drinking a Rockstar. Or I get really “not part of the real world” feeling, where the best thing that happens is I fall asleep for 8 to 24 hours. Worse, time dilation at random times. My brain checks out or at least that is the feeling. I “know” I am doing things, but nothing seems right. I don’t know how else to describe it and then POP back to reality and I have to piece together what happened. Like I said, I hate sinus drugs. Alas, I have been suffering with a sinus funk that has one half of my face in pain. The amount of pain meant drugs and I don’t get along with the drugs.

Hungry HipposJust the CollarI did dress up for the presentation wearing the collared shirt Barb bought me. Years of fighting taught me that something around your neck is not a good thing. Rarely in the history of fighting has something around a neck been a good thing. Which made the collar really uncomfortable for me. I kept trying to shake it off. Finally I looked at my boy who wears collared shirts everyday (proof that clothing styles are not genetic) and asked him how he did it, “You just get used to them. Suck it up dad.” And I sucked it up for 3 to 5 minutes for my presentation.

Post presentation, collared shirt removed and stored in my bag the kids and I walked around the wildlife museum which is filled with many awesome displays of stuffed animals. Most of which have never lived in or around Big Rapids.



Safely at home, Barb is working on cupcakes for tomorrow (I don’t bake). Tomorrow is a professor’s birthday and we thought bringing cupcakes in would be the nice thing to do.



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