So, About that Soup

Remember the soup I was making with the kids yesterday?

No, you don’t?

See here.

Here is what happened…

The cinnamon stick had to be removed after two-hours of cooking. Why? Everything smelled of cinnamon, which I was not sure I wanted our potato soup to taste like. But wait…the soup continued to smell of cinnamon, until the odor turned to star anise. What about the flavor you are asking or screaming at the screen? The flavor, not a hint of cinnamon. No lie. To make sure I was not imagining things, I had everyone taste the soup. Everyone commented on the cinnamon smell, but nobody could taste any.

Cinnamon stick removed, the next issue was the overall look of the soup, that of a vegetable soup with a vaguely chicken soup flavor (no cinnamon!). It was odd. Tasted vaguely of chicken soup and vegetable soup, neither flavor winning. So I tried:

  • salt
  • pepper
  • white pepper

and I retreated from the kitchen to ponder.

Meanwhile, the soup separated into a layer of oil and the soup underneath. This soup was not doing anything I wanted.

Looking at the soup I noticed, none of the potatoes had broken down. What the hell? Quick and dirty was turning into long and messy. I do not know why the potatoes did not break down, they were fork tender, but for whatever reason remained whole. What to do?

Some thinking later (try to imagine the Jeopardy music with Spongebob sound effects)…

I set on the counter the immersion blender, 1 stick of butter, sour cream, and some half-and-half.

Step 1: Immersion blender time. Burrrrrrrrr-dunk and blend creating a smoother soup and the oil blends in with the soup. Step 1 success.  Taste, more like potato soup, but bland.

Step 2: Half-stick of butter, remaining sour cream (1/4 a cup estimated), and 1/2 cup half-and-half. Stir. Soup is very creamy now and tastes of a good potato with sour cream and butter, but still a bit bland.

Step 3: Barb seasons the soup with salt and pepper (I gave up seasoning) and

HOOORAY! We have a potato soup worthy of the name soup and potato.

Would I recommend by recipe? Hell no.

Would I recommend working with kids in the kitchen even if the recipe turns into a labor of love or a Herculean labor? Hell yes.



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