Our Table Top Game Day

Monopoly…started last night with a game of Monopoly. It was an odd game, normally Barb wins, this time she went out first. The kids tied each other up holding onto properties until it was too late. Too late being defined as me having the yellows and greens with houses on them.  A few painful, for them, turns later and I was King of Monopoly (see pic of end of game). The bonus for going out of the game first was Barb got to choose the next game, LOOT.

LootLoot by Gamewright is a pirate themed card game where the goal is to be the one with the most points worth of treasure ships in front of them. Starting with a hand of six cards which could consist of pirate ships with 1 to 4 skulls, merchant ships with 2 to 8 coins, captains or an admiral each player may take one action each turn: play a merchant ship, play a pirate ship on a merchant ship, play a captain on a pirate ship of matching color, play the admiral on a merchant ship you played or draw card.  At the start of each turn check to see if you captured any merchant ships, if you have more pirates on a merchant ship you win the merchant ship. Easy to play, quick, and some depth of play. Loot was interesting enough that we played three games before putting it up.

After Loot and lunch the monetary theme ended when Lego Creationary was brought out. We have not played Creationary for a while, waiting for both kids to get to an age where they would not do the following; draw a card, giggle to themselves, and then announce what they were building. Given that the goal of Creationary is for OTHER players to guess what you are building announcing what you are building takes a lot of the fun out of the game.  Our boy, the Lego expert, took one look at a card and built whatever he saw in detail, to the point where guessing was actually labeling what he had made. Our girl kept dreaming big, her submarine was almost half the length of the table, yet unrecognizable. Her faucet resembled a sewer drain. However, her coffee maker was pretty good for either a coffee maker or toilet, it was the brown pieces inside that caused us the confusion.

I’m being yelled at that it is my turn at Lego Harry Potter, got to go play more games. Try to get a game in today will you.



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