Game Day At An End

Our game day ended with Harry Potter and Alton Brown. Yes, they do go together if you are a member of this family. Lego Harry Potter was fun, but like most Lego table top games lacks depth enough to keep us occupied for more than a few games. The Legos and quick nature of the games appeal to us.

Gamed out after a day of gaming, we retired to watch some television, and eat some food. Plus, the adults had work to attend to. As I was recently reminded college is my work so I got down to taking care of that plus work for when I am done with college. Work when I am done with college is writing and publishing erotica and games. I know two more things that don’t go together, but they do in a round about way for most people.

Here is where my education is showing and paying off. I spend a lot more time fixing what I write. I am coming to hate the word editing, so instead I fix my writing. I am a big enough writer to acknowledge that my writing can always be better, thus before I do anything, like publish I fix. Fixing is a process for me. Last night that process involved a lot of red ink, rewriting, and consulting some books I have. Fixing is a pain in the ass.

So, back to Alton Brown…our girl calls him the “funny man” and loves to watch Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen. Barb and I have enjoyed Good Eats for many years now, the combination of humor and education is perfect. Relaxing with food after a day of games watching Alton Brown was perfect. Our boy after playing some Minecraft wanted to get us playing games again and pulled out a dice game Pirates vs Ninjas.

How do I describe this game?

Each player has 10 dice with images of pirates or ninjas on them. Roll the dice and compare the pictures in a variation on war. It is quick, with a bit of strategy from dice that have special abilities, but mostly quick and easy to forget. As demonstrated when the boy packed up the game and put it in the “maybe later” pile.

Our girl eager to have some fun of her own, broke out My Little Pony matching game. I like My Little Pony, but I only know a few by looking at them. My girl knows them all at a glance. I was severely disadvantaged. Plus, so many of those ponies had rainbows as background images, making my task even harder. I lost and lost big time. Barb joined in for a second game and I lost that game too, but afterwards they took the tiles and played My Little Pony Go Fish, which looked easier for me.

Alas, by this time the boy had fallen asleep and our girl was doing her best “I’m not tired” routine and I did not to give the game a try.


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