Magical Inspirational Batman (imagine a copyright logo next to the n)

Yesterday, I wrote about ball slapping and pussy…cats.

Last night, I discussed the finer points of creating style, particularly around pussy…cat. How many dots should be between pussy and cat? Between four individuals the range seemed to be three to five dots, with three being the most acceptable and five could have a hidden meaning divinable only to those people who look for things to get their nose out of joint.

See for yourself:




What do you think? Which feels right to you and which is like pornography, you know it when you see it but you cannot define it?

See I am trying to decide on a course to take. How did I get from pussy…cat to course to take with life? Have you not been following along?

Research MonkeyHello, I am your Research Monkey PHD. To answer your question, my boss is insane. There you have it. He makes this stuff up as he goes along and even I have a hard time following along and I live in here. For those looking for a more specific answer, my boss tends to be actively thinking about six to ten things at one time, in this case he was thinking about a particularly funny Facebook conversation that involved searching for a new place to host his blog, mature flags, ball slapping, and pussy…cat. And yes, it really is pussy…cat. He thinks it is funny. Sadly, so do several other humans he talks to.

…and here I am pondering, much like the younger students what to do with my life. Seeing that I have accomplished most of the goals I have set for myself, time to make some new goals and maybe revisit some older goals. And that is how I got from pussy…cat to pondering a direction for my life. Not in an angsty way either.

Seems I have options on the table. Been a while since my table has had options that were not solely my own. I am enjoying the thoughts of self-publishing again only this time with knowledge and skills I did not have before. Is that a path to fame and fortune? Guess it all depends on how much effort I put forth…the thought of people wandering around with my writing in their pockets though is very appealing…why their pockets, because I will be publishing pocket sized books.

Today, And here I am.

Personally, I like the three dot pussy…cat. I am looking for a place to move all of my blogs and start something more unified. A single place for people to find me and in that way that is uniquely me get people who may would not otherwise have anything to do with one another to come together and have a good time or at least read what I write. I started blogging when I entered school and I think as I exit I should start something new, something that symbolizes my growth and combines the stuff I love to do-write/blog/game/cook/sex/life-with the skills and talents I have accumulated and refined over the past few years.

What do you think three, four or five dots? Its all in the dots.




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