Waiting For My Set

Going out for a night of slam dancing used to be a process. I didn’t get up and go. There was a process for getting and when I did not go through the process the night was not as good as when I did. As I mentioned yesterday, my nerves were getting the better of me and I will be damned if nerves will get the best of me so I thought about those times when I felt most comfortable in front of a group of people.

  1. Fighting
  2. Dancing
  3. Gaming

Unless someone pissed me off I would not be fighting. Gaming equally unlikely, but what if…what if I treated my presentation like I used to treat slam dancing? And that is how I found myself rocking out my portfolio presentation.

2 hours before presentation: Headphones in to listen to some inspirational music, in this case Frontline Assembly and Marilyn Manson.

1 hour before presentation: Pick out clothing: Doc Martin combat boots, polished to a shine. Black fatigues. Dark grey shirt with Magic the Gathering Chandra in silhouette and black hat.

45 minutes before presentation: Shower.

15 minutes before presentation: Cue up energy music while sprawled out in the back of the class: Ice-T, Midnight; Daft Punk, Harder Better Faster Stronger; Marilyn Manson, Sweet Dreams; and end with Prodigy, Breath.

1 minute before presentation: Close my eyes. Focus my energy. And…


I danced. I danced like I have not danced in over a decade. No, I did not actually dance, but there was a familiar rhythm and pattern to what I did. Ebbs and Flows. Bursts of energy during high points and an energized tenseness during lulls. I moved about the room, I made eye contact, I did not hide, I spoke about my work like I want my work spoken about, and in the end I answered questions-lots of good questions. I remember everything I said and I did. Just like when I used to slam dance. I have not felt this good in a long time about a public performance.

When my set was over, I was done.

Did I look like a professional, hell no.

Did I feel comfortable, hell yes.

Did I get my point across, hell yes.




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